Wellington Street

Ottawa’s Wellington Street is a central part of Confederation Boulevard in the Parliamentary Precinct of our nation’s capital. It is a famous civic space for celebration, mourning and peaceful protest.

Having a municipal roadway running directly through the Parliamentary Precinct has long been a challenge. In 2022, parliamentary, federal and municipal stakeholders launched an initiative to address this challenge.

Map of downtown Ottawa. A section of Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill is highlighted in red between Bank Street and the National War Memorial.

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The Future of Wellington Street

The protests in Ottawa in the winter of 2022 highlighted longstanding issues with the street. They also made us think about risks to the operations of Canada’s democratic institutions. These issues are becoming more relevant as the Parliamentary Precinct evolves as we restore and modernize it. We are doing this work as part of our Long Term Vision and Plan for the future.

Planning for the future of the Parliamentary Precinct campus

Within the next 10 years, more than half of the offices for Parliament will be located on the south side of Wellington Street, across from Parliament Hill.

Parliamentary, federal and municipal stakeholders have set up committees to explore the best way of keeping the area safe and secure for those who work and live there. They also want to ensure the precinct remains open and accessible for residents and visitors. There are 3 committees, each representing different levels of governance, each with their own terms of reference. They are:

  • Assistant Deputy Minister level
  • Deputy Minister and Clerk of the Privy Council level
  • political level

Together, we aim to create a plan for Wellington Street that everyone can be proud of. This collaborative work aligns closely with the recommendations and observations made in the:

In March 2023, the Minister of Public Services and Procurement tabled a formal government response to the Procedure and House Affairs study. It outlined commitments aimed at addressing the study’s recommendations and resolving longstanding issues with Wellington Street.

Government response to the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs’ 19th report

Working with Partners

We are committed to engaging the City of Ottawa in a discussion around a potential transfer of Wellington Street to the federal government. This is a key commitment we made in our response to the Procedure and House Affairs study. It is also a critical first step to addressing the recommendations more broadly. Public Services and Procurement Canada and the City of Ottawa entered into discussions in April 2023. Discussions are ongoing with the intent of formally integrating Wellington Street into our plans for the Parliamentary Precinct.

Public and Stakeholder Engagement

The Parliamentary Precinct is a reflection of Canada’s democratic traditions and commitment to openness and transparency. As we begin planning for this important area, we will seek your views. We will want to hear from you on how we can make a reimagined Wellington Street part of an open and welcoming space for everyone.

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