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Informing your non-resident suppliers registered under the simplified GST/HST framework of your registration status

Under the new GST/HST measures for supplies of cross-border digital products and services, as well as platform-based short-term accommodation, non-resident suppliers, including digital platform operators, may be required to register under a simplified GST/HST framework and collect the GST/HST in respect of those supplies. If you are purchasing products or services from suppliers registered under the simplified GST/HST framework, and you are registered under the normal GST/HST rules, you must provide proof of registration to these suppliers to ensure they do not charge GST/HST on such supplies. Failing to provide this information may result in difficulties in recovering the GST/HST you paid on those supplies since the GST/HST paid cannot be claimed as an input tax credit or a rebate.

For more detailed information on recovering the GST/HST paid on supplies acquired from suppliers registered under the simplified registration regime, please consult GST/HST Notice 322.

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