Email notifications for individuals

Email notifications gives you the option to receive correspondence online from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) instead of by mail from Canada Post.

When you are registered to receive email notifications from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), we will send you an email to confirm that you are registered for the service. After that, when eligible correspondence is available for you to view in My Account or when important changes happen on your account, we will send you an email.

After you are registered for this service, CRA correspondence that is eligible for the service will not be printed and mailed to you.

The CRA will not do the following:

Account changes

As a fraud prevention feature, we will send you an email notification when:

How to view your CRA mail

To view CRA mail, select View Mail from the overview page in My Account.

Eligible correspondence

The CRA will send you an email when the following types of correspondence are ready for you to view in My Account:

As other CRA correspondence becomes eligible for this service, we will send you an email to tell you when they are available to view in My Account. For correspondence items not yet eligible for this service, you will continue to receive them by paper mail.

Formatting your email address

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions of use for the service. If you agree, tick the authorization box and then select “Submit.”

More information

For more information, go to Online mail in My Account .

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