Progress Tracker

The Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) Progress Tracker service provides individuals, businesses, and their representatives with status updates on their files and enquiries submitted to the CRA, as well as target completion dates.

The Progress Tracker is available on the Overview page of both My Account and My Business Account.

Files that can be tracked

You can track the progress of the following files in My Account:

You can track the progress of the following files in My Business Account:

Only files that are in progress or that have been completed in the past 30 days will be displayed. More file types will be added to the Progress Tracker in the future.

File status and progress history

Possible file status updates include:

Target completion date

The target completion date shown is based on our published service standards and indicates the date by which we expect to have completed processing your file. The information provided is the same as what you would receive by calling the CRA.

Check CRA processing times

To find out the standard processing times for tax returns and other tax-related requests sent to the CRA, go to Check CRA processing times.

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