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In the left-hand menu, there are navigation options to access another account through Represent A Client, access the Profile page, or a link for Submit Documents. In the centre is a welcome message, and to the right of the page is a link to the Trust Account Registration page.

Further services are being developed to serve you better.

Submit documents

This service allows you to securely send documents electronically to the CRA. You can use this service when:

  1. You would like to send documents associated to a specific CRA program; or
  2. We have communicated with you requesting documents and have provided a case or reference number. This number is either given to you by mail, by phone, in person by a CRA official, or on the confirmation screen of a previous document submission.

History table

On the “Submit documents” page, a history table will show any documents you have submitted after May 21, 2022. You can submit additional documents for the same program by clicking Submit under the “Actions” column.

How to submit a document

Step 1 – Do you have a case or reference number?

If yes:

  1. Select Yes.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Enter your case or reference number in the space provided.
  4. Click Next.

If no:

  1. Select No.
  2. Click Next.
  3. You will be provided with a list of topic selections. Select the option that applies to your document submissions.
  4. Click Next.


Submitting documents to the incorrect area can result in delays in processing your request. Please make sure you have made the appropriate selection related to your document submission before proceeding to submit your documents. If you do not see the topic related to your document submission, you must mail your documents to your Tax Centre.

Step 2 – Attach and review files

  1. Use the Browse… button to choose the file(s) you want to attach from your device. You can select multiple files by holding down the CTRL key. If more than one file is being added, each must have a unique name.
  2. Click Attach file(s).
    1. Make sure the file format you want to send is accepted by the CRA. The following file formats are accepted: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .txt, .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .tif, or .xps.
    2. The total size of all files you send cannot exceed 500MB.
  3. Enter a brief description of the file in the blank field.
  4. If you want to attach more documents, click Attach file(s) and then follow steps 1-3 above. When all your documents are added, and you have made sure you are submitting your documents to the correct area, click Submit file(s).


Submitting documents to the incorrect topic could cause delays in processing your request.

Receiving the confirmation

  1. A confirmation screen will appear which includes a confirmation number and a case/reference number.
  2. Keep a record of your confirmation number and case/reference number. You can use this case/reference number to submit additional documents related to the original submission.
  3. Your document submission information will appear in the history table within 24 hours of submission.
  4. If you want to submit another file, click Make another submission.

All files you send will be scanned for viruses. We will identify any unacceptable files and will contact you with instructions for you to re-submit your documents.

If you have technical problems submitting documents online, contact us for assistance.

If you have questions about a CRA request or letter to submit documents, contact the CRA official who requested the documents.


Trust Information

The Trust information section lists account details on the account. The information in this section is “read only”. If there are adjustments to this information, provide the appropriate documentation with a request to amend the data directly to your Tax Centre or through the “Submit documents” service available within the My Trust Account service.

The information listed may include:

Trust Contact Information

The CRA has collected the trust addresses and telephone numbers from the latest tax return, the registration process, or from other communications with a primary trustee or trustees. We may have modified the address to meet Canada Post's requirements; therefore, the address shown on My Trust Account may differ slightly from the one provided. The address and telephone numbers can be changed only by trustees through the My Trust Account service by selecting “add” or “edit”.


This lists all Trustees registered for online access to My Trust Account.

To add an additional trustee, select “add” located next to the Authorized representatives header and ensure you select “Level 3 / Trustee”. Additional information may be required to verify the Trustee. Legal documentation to support the addition of a trustee must be on file with or provided to the CRA.

To remove a Trustee, legal documentation must indicate that the individual or group is no longer acting as a Trustee and must be submitted to your Tax Centre or through the “Submit documents” service available through My Trust Account.

Authorized representatives

This lists the authorized representatives as of today's date.

Authorize new representative adds a new authorization to the account.

Delete all representatives removes all representatives listed on the table above.

Deleted/expired representatives shows a list of all representatives whose access has either expired or was deleted.

View pending authorizations shows a list of all representatives who have requested access to the trust. The request can be accepted or denied.

Language Preferences

The language of correspondence and notes on the account is listed. To change the language preference, select ‘edit’ and choose either French or English. This change will take effect on future activity in the account.

Direct deposit

Level 3 representatives / Trustees can view and update the direct deposit information for the Trust’s refunds. This information may be provided when a return is filed, by submitting a direct deposit request, or through My Trust Account.

The institution name is the official name of the bank, for example, Scotiabank. The institution number is a 3-digit number that represents the bank.

The branch name identifies the branch location, for example, Main Street branch. The branch number is a 5-digit number that represents that branch.

The account number is the trust’s bank account number, and it has a maximum of 12 digits, for example, 123456789123.

The effective date is the date the request for direct deposit was recorded on our system.

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