Air travellers security charge program account

This program account is used for the administration of the Air Travellers Security Charge Act. The Air Travellers Security Charge (ATSC) is collected by registered air carriers and their agents when a client purchases an airline ticket. Air carriers are responsible for collecting and remitting the security charge.

Who needs to register?

You need to register for the ATSC program account if your services include both:

Air transportation services include:

How to register and file

If you provide such air transportation services, you must complete Form B248, Registration Form Under the Provisions of the Air Travellers Security Charge Act, and send it to:

 Prince Edward Island Tax Centre/Tax Services Office
 275 Pope Road
 Summerside PE  C1N 6A2

You must file Form B249, Air Travellers Security Charge Return, every month. You can file semi-annually if you have been approved by the CRA. For information on how to file this return online, go to E-services for businesses.

For more information, go to Air Travellers Security Charge.

Who to contact for more information

If you have registration or account-related questions, you can call us from anywhere in Canada or the United States at 1-877-432-5472. You can call us from other countries at 1-613-221-3073 (we accept collect calls).

If you have technical questions, call 1-866-330-3304.

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