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CSIS Across Canada

CSIS is a true national service, and, as such, its resources and personnel are geographically dispersed across Canada. The geographic configuration, illustrated below, allows CSIS to closely liaise with its numerous federal, provincial and municipal partners on security issues of mutual interest.

CSIS Across Canada

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Gender-Based analysis +

The Government of Canada expects that all policy proposals brought forward for consideration are informed and shaped by robust gender-based analysis. GBA+ is an analytical process used to assess how diverse groups of women, men and non-binary people may experience policies, programs and initiatives. The “plus” in GBA+ acknowledges that GBA goes beyond biological (sex) and socio-cultural (gender) differences. GBA+ also considers many other identity factors, like race, ethnicity, religion, age, and mental or physical disability.

To that end, CSIS has taken steps towards decision-making based on subject matter expertise, assessments and qualitative and quantitative analysis. This approach helps ensure that efforts are focused on threat activities and do not target Canadian communities based on bias or assumptions.

Consideration of GBA+ identity factors has been incorporated in our planning and program decisions in a number of areas. For example, CSIS currently delivers unconscious bias training to all new employees, supervisors and interviewers. A CSIS task force has been looking at areas where a formal GBA+ framework can be applied to ensure that CSIS effectively prioritizes its resources and investigative efforts.

GBA+ will specifically assist CSIS in:

  1. Prioritizing and focusing operational activities based on evidence-based decision-making.
  2. Supporting operational desks with enhanced resourcing / targeting / collection initiatives;
  3. Better understanding CSIS targeting activities, allowing for refined initiatives;
  4. Enforcing the compliance with policies and procedures in place to protect rights and freedoms.

CSIS will continue to make efforts to allow for more strategic and comprehensive integration of GBA + across the Service.

Demographics of CSIS Employees

Demographics of CSIS Employees

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