EI benefits for self-employed people: Register


Register or sign in to My Service Canada Account

You can register or sign in to the My Service Canada Account (MSCA) secure portal, using one of the following options:

  • GCKey
  • your online banking sign in information (Sign-in Partner)
  • your provincial digital ID (Alberta and British Columbia residents only)

Register for the self-employed program

Once you are signed in to MSCA:

  1. click the Employment Insurance button
  2. click the Agreement status (self-employed) button under the Self-employed section
  3. follow the steps to enter into an agreement with the Canada Employment Insurance (EI) Commission

Once you submit your registration, you’ll immediately receive confirmation that you’ve entered into an agreement with the Canada EI Commission.

Submit supporting documents to the Canada Revenue Agency

Each year, when you complete your income tax return, you must complete and submit Schedule 13 (Employment Insurance premiums on self-employment and other eligible earnings) to the Canada Revenue Agency.

To get a Schedule 13 online:

  1. choose the tax package you need
  2. select your province or territory
  3. click on Schedule 13 under Schedules

Fill out schedule 13 to calculate your premiums. You’ll pay premiums based on your self-employed income for the entire calendar year, starting the year you register.

You'll pay $1.66 for every $100 you earn, to a maximum of $1,049.12 in 2024.

Residents of Quebec

If you're a resident of Quebec, you'll pay $1.32 for every $100 earned, to a maximum of $834.24 in 2024.

Benefits are available 12 months after registration

You can apply for special benefits 12 months after your confirmed registration date. You can check your registration date in MSCA.

If you need special benefits, decide which one is right for your situation and then apply online. You must meet the eligibility criteria for the benefit for which you are applying.

Once you receive benefits as a self-employed person, you’ll continue paying premiums for as long as you’re self-employed.

If you have not filed your income tax return for the year before you apply for benefits, you’ll have to provide an estimate of your self-employed earnings. This estimate should be as accurate as possible, since your benefit amount will be calculated based on what you provide. We’ll make any necessary adjustments after you file your income tax return.

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