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The value of each Post-Retirement Benefit is based on:


Each year of contributions while collecting a retirement pension will generate a new Post-Retirement Benefit, which is added to your total income from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). This means a single individual who continues to work can receive multiple Post-Retirement Benefits at the same time.

The maximum Post-Retirement Benefit amount is equal to 2.5% (1/40th) of the maximum CPP retirement pension.  This is because the Post-Retirement Benefit is generated by a single year’s contributions, rather than all the contributions you made from age 18 until you started collecting your pension.  

Type of pension or benefit Average amount for new beneficiaries (January 2023) Maximum payment amount (2023)
Retirement pension (at age 65) $811.21 $1,306.57
Post-retirement benefit (at age 65) $5.48 $40.25

You can get an estimate of your Post-Retirement Benefit amount by using the Canadian Retirement Income Calculator  (CRIC).

In 2023, the maximum new Post-Retirement Benefit for someone aged 65 is $40.25, reflecting someone who reached the CPP earnings limit and made maximum contributions in 2022. The amount of your Post-Retirement Benefit will correspond to the amount of your earnings and contributions in the year. For example, if your earnings were half of the maximum earnings limit, you will receive a Post-Retirement Benefit that is half of the maximum ($20.13).


If you work in the same year that your retirement pension begins, we will determine:

  • which portion of that year's contributions will go toward the retirement pension
  • which portion, if any, will go toward the Post-Retirement Benefit

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