Canada Pension Plan: Pensions and benefits monthly amounts

This is the average and maximum monthly payment amounts for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) pensions and benefits, except for the death benefit, which is a one-time payment, not a monthly payment.

Canada Pension Plan pensions and benefits - Monthly and maximum payment amounts January to December 2024
Type of pension or benefit Average amount for new beneficiaries (January 2024) Maximum payment amount (2024)
Retirement pension (at age 65) $831.92 $1,364.60
Post-retirement benefit (at age 65) $7.09 $44.46
Disability benefit $1,176.98 $1,606.78
Post-retirement disability benefit $583.32 $583.32
Survivor's pension – younger than 65 $524.68 $739.31
Survivor's pension – 65 and older $326.87 $818.76
Children of disabled CPP contributors $294.12 $294.12
Children of deceased CPP contributors $294.12 $294.12
Death benefit (one-time payment) $2,499.17 $2,500.00
Combined benefits
Combined survivor's and retirement pension (at age 65) $999.54 $1,375.41
Combined survivor's pension and disability benefit 1,286.98 $1,613.54

Note: Maximum benefit amounts reflect the CPP/QPP enhancement. CPP maximum amounts in this table are for benefits beginning in January 2024. Maximum CPP benefit amounts increase every month as a result of the enhancement.

For a more detailed report on CPP amounts and figures, see the OAS and CPP Program Information Card (Rate Card).

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Can I get retroactive payments

If you apply after you turn 65, Service Canada can only pay retroactive payments of the CPP retirement pension for up to 12 months (11 months plus the month you apply) but no earlier than the month following your 65th birthday. There are no retroactive payments for a retirement pension taken before age 65.

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