Procurement programs and initiatives

Procurement programs and initiatives

Initiatives to improve government procurement and support innovation and Aboriginal businesses.


Services and information

Selling your innovation

Bringing your innovation to market through the Build in Canada Innovation Program.

Procurement strategy for Aboriginal businesses

Help for Aboriginal businesses to identify and pursue federal government contract opportunities.

Indigenous business directory

How to increase visibility of your Aboriginal business with federal buyers.

Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative

How provincial and territorial governments, municipalities, academic institutions, schools, hospital sector and other organizations can use federal procurement tools.

Better Buying

Our plan to make procurement easier, faster and more accessible for suppliers and buyers.

Smart procurement

How we improve federal procurement by learning lessons from past successful procurement and the early collaboration between government and suppliers.

Green procurement tools

Policies and procedures to minimize the environmental impact of procurement.

Supplier Advisory Committee

Working with national associations to improve government procurement and to better understand supply and demand.

Information technology infrastructure procurement

How to participate in information technology infrastructure procurement planning.

Engaging with bidders and contractors

How to engage with Industrial and Technological Benefits contractors to access large government contracts.

Report fraud in government contracts

How to report suspected cheating and fraud in federal contracts.

Government of Canada's Integrity Regime

How we ensure that the Government of Canada conducts business or concludes real property transactions with ethical suppliers in Canada and abroad.

Fairness Monitoring

How we monitor procurement activities and real property transactions through independent assurance to ensure we conduct business in a fair, open and transparent manner.

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