Doing business with government

Selling to the federal government, buying from the government and selling to other governments.


Services and information

How to sell to government

The tendering process, standing offers, supply arrangements, bidding, resources to support businesses selling goods and services to government, and more.

Federal tendering opportunities

Tenders and contract opportunities with government institutions.

Alternative tendering methods

Applications, registrations, processes and support for selling specific goods or services.

Procurement programs and initiatives

Initiatives to improve government procurement and support innovation and Aboriginal businesses.

Procurement dispute management

Dispute resolution bodies and filing a complaint regarding the procurement process.

Selling to other governments

Doing business with other Canadian or international governments.

Online tools for government buyers

Web-based applications for procurement, tender management and more.

Procurement news

Procurement advisories, plus notifications on changes to policies and procedures.

Buying from government

Buying surplus goods and military equipment, real estate, standards and licenses from government.

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