Hiring and managing employees

Hiring and managing employees

Payroll, wages and other resources for recruiting, training and managing employees.

Services and information

Recruiting and hiring

Hiring employees, students, foreign workers, apprentices and attracting the right talent for your business.

Payroll and benefits

Handling payroll deductions, earnings reports, unemployment benefits and insurance premiums.

Wage subsidies and other assistance programs

Wage subsidies and other assistance programs to help you hire the right employees for your business.

Human resources management

Employee and performance management, training, teleworking and managing employees during difficult times.

Departing employees

Employer obligations when an employee leaves, issuing records of employment and giving exit interviews.

Labour market data

Monthly job market trends, news bulletins and labour force information and analysis from across Canada.

Human resources regulations

Employment standards, workplace safety, as well as employment equity and human rights obligations.

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