Measurement accuracy requirements

Requirements to sell measured goods, device approvals, registering to sell electricity or gas and more.

Services and information

Selling measured goods

The legal obligations for ensuring accuracy in the sale of measured goods.

Measuring device type approval

Ensuring that your measuring device complies with applicable legal requirements.

Measurement standards calibration

The certification of electricity, gas flow, gas pressure, fluid volume, mass and more.

Calibration laboratories

Nationally accredited testing facilities to help verify the measurement of your product.

Calibration services

Calibration services for manufacturers and users of precision instruments.

Certified reference materials

Certified reference materials (CRMs) for biotoxin, inorganic and organic products and nanomaterials.

Inspection of measurement devices

How Measurement Canada investigates the accuracy of measuring devices.

Selling electricity or gas

How to register as a contractor to sell electricity or gas.

Authorized measurement service providers

Accredited and registered service providers for standards calibration, testing and training.

Filing a measurement complaint

How to file a complaint if you have received an inaccurate measurement as part of a financial transaction.

Electricity and gas committees

A list of committees and working groups related to electricity and gas.

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