Broadcasting and telecommunications regulations

Broadcasting and telecommunications regulations

Broadcasting, distribution and spectrum licences, telecommunications standards, certification and more.

Services and information

Telecommunications services

Information about improving the quality, coverage, reliability and price of services for Canadians.

Telecom applications and registration

Tariff applications, international licences, agreement applications and more.

Telecommunications equipment standards

Regulations, standards and administrative procedures for telecommunications equipment in Canada.

Radiocommunications in Canada

Licensing for wireless services, antenna structures, public safety, satellite services and more.

Applying for an over-the-air broadcast licence

How-to guide on the process to establish an over-the-air broadcasting station in Canada.

Radio broadcast licences

Applying for radio broadcast licences, including new licences, amendments, revocations and renewals.

Television broadcast licences

Applying for new television broadcast licences, exemptions, amendments, revocations and renewals.

Broadcasting licences

Distribution broadcast licences, including new licences, amendments, revocations and renewals.

Canadian program certification

How to apply for Canadian program certification.

Technical rules for broadcasting

Resources for digital and direct broadcasting stations in Canada (radio, television and satellite).

Spectrum auctions

Upcoming auctions and news about Canadian spectrum licences.

Spectrum search

Using the Spectrum Management System to find spectrum used for communications and broadcasting.

Broadcasting and telecommunications review

A joint examination of Canada's broadcasting and telecommunications legislation.

Mutual recognition agreements in telecommunications

Government-to-government arrangements to simplify the trade of telecommunications equipment.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Requirements for sending commercial electronic messages.

Telemarketing and unwanted calls

The Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules set out responsibilities for telemarketers.

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