Federally regulated industry sectors

Regulations for the agriculture, forestry, mining, oil and gas, telecom, health sectors and more.

Services and information

Agriculture, food, forestry and fishing regulations

Business activity regulations relating to food, animals, plants, grain, fishing, aquaculture and forestry.

Nuclear, oil and gas, and mining regulations

Northern petroleum rights, pipelines, energy infrastructure, uranium mines, nuclear plants and more.

Broadcasting and telecommunications regulations

Broadcasting, distribution and spectrum licences, telecommunications standards, certification and more.

Drug and health product regulations

Regulation of drugs and medication, self-care products, natural health products and more.

Cultural trade and investment

Policies and regulations supporting the acquisition or preservation of cultural objects and media industries.

Textiles regulations

How to register for a CA identification number, plus regulatory information on textile imports and exports.

Financial services regulations

Plan and trust administration, financial transaction reporting, financial institution regulation and more.

Trade regulations

Regulatory requirements in retail, construction, transportation and other trades.

Mandatory measurement accuracy inspections

Measurement accuracy inspections for specific industry sectors and device type.

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