Tools for intermediaries

Tools for intermediaries

Resources for businesses who provide a supporting role between businesses and the government.

Services and information

Licensed Insolvency Trustees

News, forms and other online services for licensed insolvency trustees (LITs).

Services for patent and trademark agents

Guidance and services for IP agents, including how to become an authorized agent.

Federal incorporation intermediaries

Being a registered intermediary with Corporations Canada, available services and tools, and filing on behalf of a corporation.

Nuans corporate name search

Ordering a Nuans report for yourself, for a client or how to get help with your order.

Becoming a grain inspector

The responsibilities and application process to become a service provider for the Canadian Grain Commission.

Authorized measurement service providers

Accredited and registered service providers for standards calibration, testing and training.

Using a licensed customs broker

Authorizing a broker to do business on your behalf.

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