Dress instructions | Appendix 1, Annex C Occupation symbols

  1. Symbols are common for all members of a military occupation, but are used in the appropriate environmental badge pattern. See Figure 3C1-1.
  2. Navy badges are either issued in interchangeable pairs or with left and right versions. The latter are listed below, with directions for wear:
    1. W Eng Tech 00366 – missile pointing outwards.
    2. SONAR OP 00324 - torpedo pointing outwards
    3. NAV COMM 00299 - lightning bolt striking outwards
    4. NES OP 00115 - missile pointing outwards.
    5. MET Tech 00100 – weather vane pointing outwards
    6. HULL TECH 00124 – axe head facing inwards.
    7. CL DIV 00342 – helmet facing outwards.
    8. Medical Occupations 00150, 00334, 00152, 00153 – snake heads facing inwards and towards each other.
    9. MP 00161 – top pistol facing inwards.
    10. RMS CLK 00298 – quill pen nib pointing inwards.
    11. STWD 00165 – quill pen nib and functional end of key facing outwards.
    12. SUP TECH 00168 – functional end of top key facing inwards.
  3. Differentiation is made between similar Aerospace Controller 00184 and Aerospace Control Operator 00337 insignia by coloured ribbons in the design; yellow for the former and blue for the latter.
  4. If an occupation merger or reclassification results in a different badge symbol, members so effected may, with the concurrence of the appropriate Branch Adviser(s) and Career Manager(s), continue to wear the symbol of the former occupation until the appropriate replacement becomes available in the Supply System.

Figure 3-C-1-1 Occupation Badge Patterns and Designs

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