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  1. General. Occupation badges are worn in accordance with Figure 3C1-1 and Appendix 1, and only on the clothing items indicated.
    1. Navy and Air Force. Occupation badges shall be worn by qualified non-commissioned members with the following exceptions:
    2. Medical Branch members shall wear a common metal branch badge IAW Chapter 3, Section 4;
    3. Navy non-commissioned members shall remove their occupation badges upon promotion to CPO 1;and
  2. Non-commissioned members eligible to wear Specialized Flight Crew Badges IAW Chapter 3, Section 3 shall wear the Flying Badge in lieu of the corresponding occupation badge.

Note: Air Force officer branch badges, except those of the Medical Branch, and those Air Operation Branch officers not eligible to wear Flying Badges, follow the same pattern as NCM occupation badges and are worn in the same manner.

  1. Army. Army occupation badges indicate both occupation and qualification level. The level worn shall be in accordance with qualification instructions issued by Branch/Corps Advisers.
  2. CANSOFCOM. Operators within CANSOFCOM wear applicable specialty skill badge only, in lieu of qualification badge.
Description Worn with Where Worn
1.  Navy occupation badges  a. Jackets, service dress, navy blue (1) Worn on each lapel with the bottom edge of the badge sewn along the upper edge of the collar lapel notch and the outer edge of the badge sewn along the outer edge of the collar.
b.  Shirts, short- sleeved white for Master Seaman and below (1) Worn centered on the upper right sleeve with the bottom of the badge 15.5 cm below the shoulder seam and not lower than 0.6 cm above the right sleeve cuff.
2. Army occupation badges a. Jacket, service dress for Sergeant and below (1) Worn centred on the lower right sleeve, 12 cm from the bottom edge of the sleeve to the bottom edge of the badge.
3. Army master occupational badges a. Jacket, service dress for Warrant Officers (1) Worn centred on the right sleeve, 1 cm down from the lower edge of the rank badge to the uppermost point of the master occupational badge. Sergeants and below, if qualified, will wear as for occupation badges.
b. Jacket, mess dress. (1) Master Gunner Badge only, worn centred on the right sleeve, 2 cm from the bottom of the sleeve to the bottom of the badge.
c. Shirt, short sleeved (1) Master Gunner Badge only, metal version worn as for specialty skill badge.
4.  Air force occupation badges a. Jacket, service dress

(1) Worn on the right breast with the occupation symbol centred 0.6 cm above the name tag.

(2) Honorary colonels are to wear unique wings as authorized by the RCAF in lieu of an occupation badge.

Figure 3-C-1-1 Occupation Badge Patterns and Designs

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