Dress instructions | Appendix 2, Annex D Collar badges (Army personnel)

  1. Army general officers and colonels (less those holding a Royal or honorary appointment (see Chapter 3, Section 4, sub-sub-paragraph 2.a.(2)) and Chief Warrant Officers wearing the army uniform who are not authorized to wear the branch or regimental insignia (see Chapter 3, Section 4, sub-sub-paragraph 2.a.(3)) shall wear the following collar badges:
    1. Combat and Combat Support Arms, Logistics Branch and Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Corps. Scarlet melton gorget patches with gold leaf emblazonment for general officers and scarlet melton gorget patches with a line of crimson silk gimp for colonels.
    2. Medical, Dental and Chaplain Branches. Colonels and general officers will wear the applicable styled gorget patches in the following colours:
      1. Medical Branch – dull cherry,
      2. Dental Branch – emerald green, and
      3. Chaplain Branch – purple;
    3. Chief Warrant Officers holding Senior Appointments or Key Positions will wear crossed scimitars (gold plated swords with white enamelled hilts), worn blade points uppermost, with the top blade pointing towards the shoulder.

Figure 3D2-1 The Wear of Army Collar Badges

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