Dress instructions | Annex D Environmental, branch and regimental insignia

  1. Cap badges shall be worn as noted in Appendix 1 to this annex.
  2. Collar badges (army personnel only) shall be worn as noted in Appendix 2 to this annex.
  3. Buttons shall be worn as noted in Appendix 3 to this annex.
  4. Navy Medical Branch officers shall wear the following coloured distinction cloth between rank insignia braid on ceremonial, mess, and service dress:
  5. medical officers – scarlet distinction cloth; and
  6. all other officers of the Medical Branch – maroon distinction cloth.
  7. Army Officer rank insignia on service dress shirts and outer garments will be embroidered with individual corps and branch colours as backing.
  8. Army shoulder titles are  worn on both a branch/regimental and unit basis. See instructions for wear as noted in Annex E, Appendix 3 to this chapter.
  9. Air force officers wear branch badges as described in Chapter 3, Section 4 and Annex C

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