Dress instructions | Appendix 2, Annex G Name tags/tapes


  1. See illustration of wear in Figures 3G2-1, 3G2-2 and 3G2-3.
Description Worn with Where worn
1. Name tags a. Jackets, service dress

(1) As illustrated in Figures 3G2-1 and 3G2-2. On the jacket, navy blue, the tag is centred on the breast seam. The vertical location will depend on physique and the need to ensure visibility of command, flying and specialist skill badges.

b. Shirts, short-sleeve (1) As illustrated in Figure 3G2-2.
2. Name tape a. Jacket, tradesman, intermediate

(1) Sewn centered on the upper right side, 11.5 to 15 cm from the shoulder seam to the top edge of the tape depending on size of member.

b. Naval combat dress shirt (1) Sewn centred above right breast pocket
c. Naval combat dress outerwear and CADPAT clothing (1) As illustrated in Figure 3G2-3.
d. Flying clothing (1) In accordance with direction by Commander RCAF.

Figure 3G2-1 Positioning of Name Tags

Figure 3G2-2 Positioning of Name Tags

Figure 3G2-3 Positioning of Name Tapes

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