Dress instructions | Annex B Appendix 1 Branch and regimental nos. 2 and 2a orders of dress


  1. This Appendix pertains to personnel that wear Army Service Dress. Annex B and Figures 5B1-3 and 5B1- 4 describe the universal Army No. 2 (mess dress standard) and No. 2A (mess dress white) orders of dress. This appendix contains authorized variations from the universal patterns. Detailed tailoring specifications may be obtained through normal supply channels from NDHQ/DSSPM and the appropriate branch adviser.
  2. No. 2A is an allowed option for summer/tropical wear unless restricted by branches/regiments. The jackets are universal patterns for all (see Annex B, sub-paragraph 1.c.).
  3. Branch and regimental cummerbunds colours are listed in Appendix 2.
  4. Full dress, undress (patrol dress) and mess dress are related. See Chapter 6. Also:
    1. The modern use of universal pattern mess dress with standard options has led to differences in whether a particular branch/corps and regiment uses environmental, branch or regimental facing colours on mess dress jackets. Details are given in individual paragraphs that follow.
    2. Trousers and footwear are the same for full, patrol and mess dress. Members may wear a long skirt or, alternatively, trousers with mess dress.
  5. Standard Options. The following are standard options for the universal pattern Army mess dress (Figures 5B1-3 and 5B1-4). Members of branches/corps and regiments with no authorized differences from the universal pattern shall wear that pattern and these options:
    1. Jacket. The environmental facing colour of midnight blue on collar, shoulder-straps and cuffs. Standard pointed infantry cuffs. Gold officers’ cuff embellishment. Plain jacket front without buttons or button-holes, or plain jacket front with single link buttons.
    2. Waistcoat/Cummerbund. Midnight blue waistcoat, collarless, fastened with four buttons. Either a waistcoat or cummerbund is worn with the jacket. During the summer dress period, a cummerbund is worn.
    3. Trousers/Overalls/Skirt. Highcut trousers; overalls optional. Scarlet trouser/overall/skirt stripe, 4.5 cm wide along trouser seam and around (half on each side) skirt vent.
    4. Footwear.With trousers/overalls, black socks; black shoes or wellington boots; wellingtons with overalls; no spurs. With optional skirt, beige or black plain-pattern nylons; black leather/patent leather pumps.
    5. White Gloves
  6. Insignia.Current CAF insignia shall be worn.
  7. Authorized Differences. Branch/Corps or, for members of the Armour and Infantry corps, regimental differences may be authorized. Members of Scottish and kilted Irish regiments are authorized special patterns as illustrated in Figure 5B1-4. Authorized differences are listed in the paragraphs that follow.


  1. Surgeon pointed cuffs with gold lace 12.7 mm around the top. Gold lace border (12.7 mm) on shoulder- straps. Four buttons and buttonholes on jacket front closure.


  1. Surgeon pointed cuffs with 0.4cm trefoil braid on the sleeve. Gold lace border (0.4cm) on the shoulder strap. Four buttons and buttonholes on jacket front closure.


  1. Armour Corps. See separate listings under “Armoured Regiments” that follow.
  2. Artillery Branch. Waistcoat for all ranks. White jacket (No. 2A) optional for officers and CWOs only. Trouser/skirt stripe 4 cm. Overalls optional, with optional spurs. Junior Officers and CWO have no cuff embellishments.
  3. Cadet Instructors Cadre. Surgeon cuffs. Four buttons on a jacket front. Trouser/skirt stripe, 2.5 cm. No wellingtons.
  4. Chaplain Branch. Surgeon cuffs. Waistcoat optional for junior officers. Light purple trouser/skirt stripe. Shoes or pumps only.
  5. Communications and Electronics Branch. Black facings on collar and cuff. Scarlet shoulder-straps. Surgeon cuffs. Black waistcoat with four buttons for officers and CWOs. Black trousers/skirts. Trouser stripe 4 cm. No gloves.
  6. Royal Canadian Dental Corps. Surgeon cuffs. Four buttons on jacket front no button-holes. Green waistcoat optional for junior officers, MWOs and below. Those wearing the waistcoat, have the option to wear a cummerbund during summer period with No. 2. Emerald green trouser stripe 4 cm (1 ¾ in); skirt 2 cm each side around vent. Shoes, pumps or flats only, heel height is not to exceed 5 cm in height; no ballerina slipper styles.
  7. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch. Scarlet shoulder-straps. Waistcoats with four buttons/buttonholes for officers and CWOs. Trouser stripe 4 cm; skirt stripe 3 cm around vent.
  8. Infantry Corps. See separate listings under “Infantry Regiments” that follow.
  9. Intelligence Branch. Midnight green facings. Silver officers cuff embellishment. Surgeon cuffs. Midnight green waistcoat for officers. Midnight green trouser/skirt. Wellingtons. No gloves.
  10. Legal Branch. Black facings. Surgeon cuffs. Black waistcoat. Black trousers/skirts with 6.3 cm black stripe. Black gloves.
  11. Logistics Branch. NCM jacket, no shoulder-strap. Surgeon cuffs. Senior officers 12.7mm gold lace cuff embellishment. Four buttons on jacket front. Waistcoat for officers and CWOs. Trouser/skirt stripes, two 1.2 cm stripes separated by 1.2 cm.
  12. Medical Branch. Surgeon cuffs. Sanguine waistcoat for officers and CWOs. Dull cherry trouser/skirt stripe. No gloves.
  13. Military Engineering Branch.  Surgeon  cuffs. Waistcoat  for all ranks. Trouser stripe 5 cm. Overalls with spurs optional. No gloves.
  14. Military Police Branch. Surgeon cuffs. , Four buttons on jacket front. Waistcoat for officers and CWOs. Trouser stripes: officers, standard; NCMs, 2.5 cm. Wellingtons only. Overalls and spurs for senior officers. No gloves.
  15. Music Branch. Jacket closure single link buttons. No waistcoat. Trouser/skirt stripe, 3 cm.
  16. Personnel Selection Branch. Surgeon cuffs. Maroon 3 cm trousers/skirt stripe. No gloves.
  17. Public Affairs Branch. Waistcoat for officers.
  18. Training Development Branch.Waistcoat for officers. White gloves optional.


  1. Common Corps Pattern. Black Corps facings on collars and cuffs. Scarlet shoulder-straps. Surgeon cuffs with no buttons. Black waistcoat for all ranks. Yellow cummerbund. Overalls vice trousers, with 4.5 cm yellow stripe for all except those authorized light-cavalry trouser stripes (see Chapter 6). Spurs. No gloves. Common corps specification for all Corps members and regiments without further authorized differences below.
  2. The Royal Canadian Dragoons. Standard corps pattern.
  3. Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians). Myrtle green cummerbund.
  4. 12e Régiment blindé du Canada. Standard corps pattern.
  5. The Governor General’s Horse Guards. Midnight blue jacket, separate horse/dragoon-guard officer/CWO and NCM patterns; scarlet facings. Officers, silver shoulder cords. Two buttons on cuff. Scarlet waistcoat, for officers, warrant officers and sergeants. Scarlet 6.3 cm trouser stripe. White gloves.
  6. The Halifax Rifles (RCAC). To be published.
  7. 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s). Standard corps pattern.
  8. The Ontario Regiment (RCAC). Standard corps pattern.
  9. The Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment) (RCAC). Woodland green jacket; blue amethyst facing; white waistcoat.
  10. The Sherbrooke Hussars. Light-cavalry trouser stripes.
  11. 1st Hussars. Blue jacket. Buff facing on collar. Blue shoulder straps. Blue waistcoat for all ranks. White light-cavalry trouser stripes.
  12. The Prince Edward Island Regiment (RCAC). Standard corps pattern.
  13. The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal). Blue jacket, white facings on collar; blue cuffs and shoulder straps; scarlet waistcoat. White light-cavalry trouser stripes.
  14. The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own). Rifle green waistcoat and Cummerbund.
  15. The South Alberta Light Horse. Light-cavalry trouser stripes.
  16. The Saskatchewan Dragoons. Standard corps pattern.
  17. The King’s Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC). Cambridge blue cummerbund for MWOs and below.
  18. The British Columbia Dragoons. Standard corps pattern.
  19. The Fort Garry Horse. Standard corps pattern.
  20. Le Régiment de Hull (RCAC). Blue jacket and facings, light-cavalry trouser stripes. French royal blue waistcoat and cummerbund.
  21. The Windsor Regiment (RCAC).White light-cavalry trouser stripes.


  1. Common Infantry Patterns. Scarlet cummerbund, trouser/skirt stripe 0.6 cm welt, unless otherwise authorized below.
  2. The Royal Canadian Regiment. Surgeon cuffs. Four buttons on jacket front with uncut buttonholes. Trouser stripe infantry standard, except 4 RCR; 4 RCR officer and CWO trouser stripe 4.5 cm. Wellingtons only. Blue/amber/black cummerbund.
  3. Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. French grey facings on collar and cuff. Scarlet shoulder- straps. Surgeon cuffs. Four buttons on jacket front. Midnight blue waistcoat for officers and CWOs; French grey cummerbund.
  4. Royal 22e Régiment.Surgeon cuffs; pointed with two buttons for officers and CWOs; unpointed with one button for MWO, WO, Sgts; sleeve without separate cuff but with one button for MCpl and below. Jacket front closure, six buttons, three per side, in a “V”, with six button-holes along the jacket closure edges. Waistcoat for officers and CWOs. Overalls with wellingtons for officers and CWOs. French royal blue cummerbund.
  5. Governor General’s Foot Guards. No shoulder straps. Waistcoat with roll collar for officers, warrant officers and sergeants, with buttons in pairs. Officers trouser stripe 5 cm. No rank insignia for officers; instead regimental sleeve embellishment by officer rank-group. Midnight blue Cummerbund.
  6. The Canadian Grenadier Guards. As for the Governor General’s Foot Guards, except that buttons are not worn in pairs.
  7. The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. Rifle green jacket; green collar (piped scarlet) and shoulder straps; scarlet cuffs. Rifle green trousers, 5 cm black mohair braid stripe for officers and CWOs. Scarlet waistcoat and cummerbund.
  8. The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada. Buff lining on jacket turn-back (front lapel). Black Watch tartan waistcoat, with roll collar and three buttons. Black Watch tartan cummerbund.
  9. Les Voltigeurs de Québec. Rifle green jacket; scarlet facings. Rifle green trousers; 5 cm black mohair braid stripe for officers and CWOs. Scarlet waistcoat and cummerbund.
  10. The Royal Regiment of Canada. Officers trouser stripe 5 cm. Midnight blue cummerbund.
  11. The Royal Hamilton LightInfantry (Wentworth Regiment). Dark green waistcoat. Cummerbund: Royal purple, diagonal of feuille-morte yellow and light infantry green.
  12. The Princess of Wales’ Own Regiment. Standard corps pattern.
  13. The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment. Standard corps pattern.
  14. The Lincoln and Welland Regiment.Standard corps pattern.
  15. The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada. Crimson lining on front of rolled and stepped collar. MacKenzie tartan waistcoat; scarlet cummerbund (tropics only).
  16. The Greyand Simcoe Foresters. Lincoln green facings.
  17. The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment). White facings on cuffs and shoulder straps; roll collar, faced scarlet, piped white. White waistcoat and cummerbund.
  18. The Brockville Rifles. Rifle green jacket; green collar (piped scarlet) and shoulder straps; scarlet cuffs. Rifle green trousers with 5 cm black mohair braid stripe for officers and CWOs. Scarlet waistcoat. Cummerbund: rifle green, diagonal 0.3 cm red stripe spaced at 5 cm intervals.
  19. Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders.Rolled collar. Gauntlet cuffs with three horizontal buttons. Macdonnell of Glengarry tartan waistcoat and cummerbund.
  20. Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent. Standard corps pattern.
  21. Le Régiment de la Chaudière. Silver cummerbund.
  22. Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal. White facings. Cummerbund: ceinture fléchée.
  23. The Princess Louise Fusiliers. Standard corps pattern.
  24. The Royal New Brunswick Regiment. Leslie Hunting tartan cummerbund.
  25. The West Nova Scotia Regiment. Standard corps pattern.
  26. The Nova Scotia Highlanders. Rolled collar, three front buttons. White piping on collar and cuffs. No cuff buttons. MacDonald clan Donald tartan waistcoat, rolled collar, three buttons; MacDonald clan Donald tartan cummerbund (tropics only).
  27. Le Régiment de Maisonneuve. Standard corps pattern.
  28. The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa. Buff lining on front of jacket turn-back (front lapel). Midnight blue waistcoat: rolled collar, five buttons; collar, front and pockets trimmed in gold braid. Cameron of Erracht tartan cummerbund.
  29. The Royal Winnipeg Rifles. Rifle green jacket: green collar (piped black) and shoulder straps; black cuffs. Rifle green trousers with 5 cm black mohair braid stripe for officers and CWOs; 0.6 cm black welt for NCMs. Black waistcoat and cummerbund.
  30. The Essex and Kent Scottish.Standard corps pattern jacket. Midnight green waistcoat; black cummerbund (tropics only).
  31. 48th Highlanders of Canada. Officers and CWOs rolled and stepped collar, piped white; NCMs rolled collar. Gauntlet cuffs, officers and CWOs with three cuff buttons. Davidson tartan waistcoat, four buttons; Davidson tartan cummerbund (tropics only).
  32. Le Régiment du Saguenay. Standard corps pattern.
  33. The Algonquin Regiment.Standard corps pattern.
  34. The Argylland Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise’s). Yellow facings. Pale yellow lining on jacket turn-back (front lapel), edged with 1.2 cm white cloth around jacket and top of cuffs. Argyll and Sutherland tartan waistcoat with roll collar and four buttons. Cummerbund: diagonal blue band, red stripe, green band, yellow stripe.
  35. The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment. Standard corps pattern jacket. Midnight blue waistcoat for officers and CWOs; midnight blue cummerbund.
  36. The North Saskatchewan Regiment. Standard corps pattern.
  37. The Royal Regina Rifles. Rifle green jacket; scarlet facings; rifle green collar. Rifle green trousers; 5 cm black mohair braid stripe for officers and CWOs. Green waistcoat and cummerbund.
  38. The Rocky Mountain Rangers. Rifle green facings. Rifle green trousers. Rifle green waistcoat for senior officers; rifle green cummerbund.
  39. The Loyal Edmonton Regiment (4th Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry). As for Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.
  40. The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada. As for The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa.
  41. The Royal Westminster Regiment. Four buttons on jacket front. Waistcoat for officers, warrant officers and sergeants. Cummerbund: Royal blue for officers, warrant officers and sergeants; black for junior ranks.
  42. The Calgary Highlanders. Yellow facings. Officers and CWOs rolled collar; NCMs stepped and rolled collar. Argyll and Sutherland tartan fly-plaid over the left shoulder and secured by a regimental brooch (officers and CWOs only). Argyll and Sutherland tartan waistcoat; Argyll and Sutherland tartan cummerbund (tropics only).
  43. Les Fusiliersde Sherbrooke. Standard corps pattern.
  44. The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. Buff facings. Rolled and stepped collar; jacket collar, front and cuffs piped white. MacKenzie tartan waistcoat, with three buttons; MacKenzie tartan cummerbund (tropics only).
  45. The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s). Rolled and stepped collar; jacket collar, front and cuffs piped white. Hunting Stewart tartan waistcoat; Hunting Stewart tartan cummerbund (tropics only).
  46. The Royal Montreal Regiment. Standard corps pattern.
  47. The Irish Regiment of Canada. Dark green facings. Straight-cut gauntlet cuffs with three horizontal buttons (no button holes). Dark green waistcoat and cummerbund.
  48. The Toronto Scottish Regiment (Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother’s Own). Hodden grey jacket; rolled collar. Midnight blue waistcoat; cummerbund: diagonal gold, silver-grey, Royal blue and scarlet stripes.
  49. The Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Surgeon cuffs. Four buttons on jacket front. Waistcoat for officers. Scarlet cummerbund.

Figure 5-b-1-1 Mess Orders of Dress

Figure 5-b-1-2 No. 2 Mess Standard – Navy

Figure 5-b-1-3 No. 2 Mess Standard – Army

Figure 5-b-1-4 No. 2 Mess Standard – Army

Figure 5-b-1-5 No. 2 Mess Standard – Air Force

Figure 5-b-1-6 No. 2B Mess Service

Figure 5-b-1-7 No. 2C All – Mess Shipboard

Figure 5-b-1-8 No. 2D Mess Standard – CAF

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