Selection process for artists

The Canadian Forces Artists Program (CFAP) records Canada's soldiers in Canada and around the world. Meet the people who choose the artists.

We evaluate proposals through a peer assessment committee. The people choosing the artists are recognized by their peers as seasoned professionals. They are chosen for their specialized knowledge in the media they assess.

We also try to make sure there is fair representation of:

  • gender
  • Indigenous peoples
  • artistic specialization
  • all regions of Canada
  • both official languages

Before they meet, selection committee members review the eligible proposals. At their meeting, they:

  1. study the applications and support material
  2. discuss the relative merit of each proposal
  3. make their choices

The committee's main assessment criterion is the artistic merit of an applicant's work. It considers:

  • specific context
  • national context
  • potential impact on the artist's pursuit

You can request the names of selection committee members and successful candidates. The selection committee reports to the advisory committee, which guides the program.

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