About the Canadian Forces Artists Program

The Canadian Forces Artists Program (CFAP) records our soldiers in Canada and around the world. The program's volunteer artists are ushering in a new era of Canadian military art.

The CFAP began on June 6, 2001. The new era of Canadian military art began when the Chief of Defence Staff, General Maurice Baril, officially announced the program. It supports independent, creative works in various media, capturing:

The Canadian War Museum opening in 2010 of the exhibition “A Brush with War". Artists: William MacDonnell, (program manager, John MacFarlane) Karole Marois, Suzanne Steels, Gertrude Kearns, Scott Waters, Alex Meyboom, David Collier, Andrew Wright and Karen Bailey. (Photo: Steven Darby CMCC).

  • daily operations
  • the men and women who serve
  • the spirit of the Canadian Forces

We invite professional artists of all cultures from across Canada to participate.

We bring artists wherever operational conditions allow. We give artists the chance to research, learn about and reflect on the men and women who serve. Artists get the same food and lodging as the service members have to ensure a fully incorporate experience wherever possible.

We encourage artists to capture a wide variety of activities, both at home and abroad. We may ask for a tangible work of art when we negotiate with each artist.

You can join the CFAP if you:

  • are in good health
  • are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant
  • want to record the history of the Canadian Forces

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