Infographic: Supply chain for the commercial production and sale of cannabis

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Organization: Health Canada

Date published: October 26, 2018

Federal Licences

What licences do I need?

  1. Cultivation - Sell to: other licenced cultivators or processors; Authorized researchers (NOTE: Certain plant parts such as non-viable seeds and fibre can be sold to anyone.)
    • Standard Cultivation Licence

      Large-scale growers of cannabis

      • Cultivate any variety of cannabis
      • Produce cannabis seeds, cannabis plants, fresh and dried cannabis
    • Micro-Cultivation Licence

      Small-scale growers of cannabis

      • Same activities as standard cultivation licence but on a smaller scale
    • Nursery Licence

      Growers of starting materials

      • Cultivate any variety of cannabis
      • Produce seeds and seedlings (including clones)
    • Industrial Hemp Licence
      • Cultivate approved varieties of industrial hemp (containing 0.3% THC or less)
      • Sell plants and plant parts
  2. Processing - Sell to: Other licensed cultivators or processors; Federal sale (medical) license holders; provinces/territories (P/T) authorized sellers; Authorized researchers
    • Standard Processing Licence
      • Large scale production of cannabis products (e.g., cannabis oil)
      • Packaging and labelling products for sale to the public
    • Micro-processing Licence
      • Same activities as a standard processing licence, but on a smaller scale
  3. Sale to Public
    • Authorized Provincial and Territorial Sale--Sell to adults
      • Sell tested, labelled and packaged cannabis products
      • Details to be set by individual P/Ts
    • Federal Sale Licence (Medical)--Sell to registered persons
      • Sell tested, labelled and packaged cannabis products by phone, or online with secure home delivery

Other federal licences and permits

  • Analytical Testing Licence
  • Research Licence
  • Cannabis Drug Licence
  • Import and Export Permits

Additional Notes:

  • All federal licence holders can conduct related activities such as: possession, transportation, storage, destruction, and research and development.
  • Individuals or organizations may hold one or multiple classes of licences, with some exceptions:
  • A federal licence is required to obtain an import/export permit (for scientific or medical purposes, or in respect of industrial hemp)

Publication Date: October 26, 2018

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