Compensation for federal inmates

In some cases, if you are injured or become ill while you are serving a sentence or on day parole, you may qualify for compensation under the Compensation Program for Federal Penitentiary Inmates.

The Federal Workers' Compensation Service and Correctional Service Canada are responsible for the Compensation Program for Federal Penitentiary Inmates.

The Labour Program's Federal Workers' Compensation Service receives and assesses all claims, makes recommendations related to permanent disability impairments and forwards them to Correctional Service Canada.

Correctional Service Canada then reviews the recommendations and is responsible for all decisions and for payments of benefits.

Are you eligible

You may qualify for benefits under this plan if you are a federal penitentiary inmate and:

  • The accident occurred while you were taking part in an approved program, such as a work activity, training course or other activity approved by Correctional Service Canada
  • You report the incident to Correctional Service Canada within three months
  • You submit an application to the Labour Program before you are released from custody on full parole, on statutory release or when a warrant expires. This must be done no later than two years from the date of the incident

You may not qualify for benefits if:

  • The injury occurs because of improper conduct, including self-inflicted wounds or criminal activity
  • You are eligible for benefits under another compensation plan
  • You did not seek available medical care, refused to have a recommended medical examination or treatment, or refused to verify the status of your disability when asked to do so
  • You were removed, transferred or deported from Canada

You may stop receiving benefits if:

  • You are imprisoned again
  • You refuse to have a disability assessment
  • You receive a lump-sum payment
  • You do not get Correctional Service Canada's approval to live outside Canada, except in certain circumstances

Appeal process

If your compensation claim application is rejected or if you disagree with the decision made on your claim, you have the right to file a written appeal to Correctional Service Canada. You also have the right to consult independent legal counsel, at your expense, for advice or to make representations on your behalf.

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