Innovation funding and support

Innovation funding and support

Funding and advisory support for research and development (R&D), innovation and commercialization projects.


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Support for business innovation

Get a personalized list of financing programs, expertise, facilities and more to support your innovation projects.

Support for technology innovation

Innovation support from the Industrial Research Assistance Program.

Tax credits for research and development

Tax credits from the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program for R&D.

Selling your innovation to government

Getting your innovative products from the lab to the marketplace through Innovative Solutions Canada.

Innovation funding for institutions

Funding for infrastructure projects focused on cyberinfrastructure, collaboration and innovation.

Natural sciences and engineering research collaboration

A scalable set of tools to engage with university and college researchers to bring new products to market.

International innovation

Global innovation funding, accelerated access to global markets and on-the-ground support for international R&D.

Atlantic innovation funding

Funding for the development of innovative products and services in Atlantic Canada.

Innovative communities (Atlantic Canada)

Funding for strategic projects that build the economies of Atlantic Canadian communities.

Quebec innovation funding

Funding for technology transfer, technology adoption and innovation in Quebec.

Southern Ontario business innovation

Funding to accelerate the growth of innovative businesses and commercialization of new technologies.

Innovation ecosystems in southern Ontario

Funding to develop strong regional networks that support business growth, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Northern Ontario innovation funding

Funding for innovation projects in Northern Ontario communities and businesses.

Western innovation funding and support

Repayable funding for enterprises in Western Canada to move their technology research to the marketplace.

Funding to enhance broadband access

Project funding to bring high-speed Internet to rural and remote communities in Canada.

Funding for superclusters

Financial support for the development of business-led innovation superclusters in Canada.

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