Energy science

Energy science

The latest science on energy sources, energy efficiency and energy storage.

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Oil sands research

Scientific research into oil sands and heavy oil processing.

Oil sands monitoring

The government's involvement in improving environmental monitoring in the oil sands region.

Alternative fuels

Research into alternative fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel, electric and natural gas.

Crude oil and petroleum products

About the crude oil market, issues affecting the price of crude oil and the petroleum products market.

Natural gas

A primer on natural gas and the natural gas market in North America.

Offshore oil and gas

About the development of offshore oil and gas.

Coal and CO2 capture and storage

New and sustainable clean energy technologies now in development.

Infrastructure for crude oil and petroleum products

The facts on the pipelines used to carry crude oil to domestic refineries in Canada.

Electricity infrastructure

Canada's electricity infrastructure and ongoing research into "smart grid" technology.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources such as wind, hydropower, solar thermal, marine, bioenergy and more.

ecoENERGY research projects

Bioenergy, coal and carbon capture/storage, energy-efficient buildings, renewables and more.

Energy efficiency

Statistics, analyses and publications on energy efficiency.

Energy storage news

The latest news and solutions to industry challenges relating to energy storage.

Collaboration projects – Bioenergy systems for viable stationary applications

Research program helping companies use locally-sourced biomass in stationary energy systems.

Energy Storage for Grid Security and Modernization program

Research program helping the energy industry adopt and use energy storage technologies.

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