Science subjects

Science subjects

Government research and resources on a wide variety of scientific topics.

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Agricultural science

Research on agroforestry, climate, soil, water, animal, insect and crop improvement.

Fisheries and aquaculture science

Research and data on fisheries, aquaculture, aquatic ecosystems and aquatic animal health.

Aquatic ecosystems and ocean science

Fish habitats, aquatic species, aquaculture, marine contaminants, aquatic biotechnology and biomonitoring.

Earth science

Resources related to geology, geomatics, geography, land surface, forestry and vegetation science.

Environment, weather and natural hazard science

Climate change, weather forecasting, species at risk and natural hazards.

Energy science

The latest science on energy sources, energy efficiency and energy storage.

Nuclear science

Scientific and technical resources on nuclear energy, uranium, radiation, tritium and radon.

Polar and Northern science

The science of ice and snow, northern land and marine research, arctic geology and polar research.

Space science

Astronauts, life in space, satellites, the Northern Lights, the International Space Station and more.

Materials, manufacturing and construction science

Science and innovation in manufacturing, construction and advanced materials.

Social sciences

Research data on social sciences and economics, including consumer and labour issues.

Science of species and living things

Aquatic species, wildlife research and species at risk.

Health science, research and data

Health science research, surveillance reports and other health-related data.

Defence science and technology

The science and technology that provides the Canadian Armed Forces with a tactical and strategic edge.

Quantum Photonic Sensing and Security program

Quantum photonics is an emerging technology that will underpin new advances in telecommunications and optical sensing.

Science and technology statistics

Data, tools and reports providing information on science and technology in Canada.

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