Aquatic ecosystems and ocean science

Aquatic ecosystems and ocean science

Fish habitats, aquatic species, aquaculture, marine contaminants, aquatic biotechnology and biomonitoring.

Services and information

Aquatic ecosystems

Aquatic ecosystem research, biological diversity and management of ecosystems in Canadian waters.

Aquatic species

Maps of aquatic invasive species, plankton data, the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS).

Cold-water coral and sponge reef conservation

Canada's approach to conserving cold-water corals and sponges.

Aquatic ecosystems in Banff National Park

Wetlands, thermal springs, aquatic species in Banff National Park.

Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network

Measuring freshwater ecosystem health using standards, studies, maps, training and more.

Aquatic biotechnology and genomics

The environmental and human health safety of aquatic organism products issued from biotechnology.

Marine contaminants

Toxic chemicals found in aquatic life and habitats, including pesticides in the marine environment.

Blue Kenue™: software tool for hydraulic modellers

Blue Kenue™ is a data preparation, analysis and visualization tool for hydraulic modelers.

Environmental hydraulics services

A broad range of services in the field of environmental hydraulics.

Environmental toxicology

Services to help track a product's ecotoxicological effects and potential environmental impacts.

Green Kenue™: software tool for hydrologic modellers

Green Kenue™ is a data preparation, analysis, and visualization tool for hydrologic modelers.

National marine conservation areas

Protecting and conserving representative marine areas for the benefit, education and enjoyment of all.

Ocean program

Supporting ocean health and ocean wealth through 4 themes: coastal resilience, intelligent marine assets, pollution remediation and bio assets.

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