Polar and Northern science

Polar and Northern science

The science of ice and snow, northern land and marine research, arctic geology and polar research.

Services and information

Polar knowledge

Support for scientists, innovators and managers through polar initiatives in science and technology.

Arctic geology research

Mining and oil and gas development in the Arctic, including the science used to inform land-use decisions.

Northern land surface and vegetation

Land cover and biophysical parameters in Canada's North.

Northern marine and fresh water

Surface water resources in lakes, rivers and wetlands and the potential impacts of climate change.

Permafrost, ice and snow

Research, data and publications on lake and river ice, glaciers, permafrost, snow and sea ice.

Northern national parks

Research being done in Canada's northern parks, including remote sensing, water, land and watershed research.

Arctic research program

Research program for the development of technologies for sustainable and low-impact development of the North.

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