Zero-emission vehicles – Greening commercial vehicles and fleets

Clean energy technology is developing quickly to meet demand and industry needs. With continued strategic investments in the sector by the Government of Canada, industry, and other governments, there are more options available than ever to decarbonize your fleet and see economic benefits through fuel and maintenance savings.

Greening your existing vehicles already on the road is a great start to reducing your fleet’s emissions. And you can join other Canadian fleets that are making the switch to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs).

If you’re considering ZEVs for your fleet, start by looking at a list of key considerations for fleet managers.

Did you know?

The Government of Canada is leading by example, with an ambitious target of 100% ZEVs in its own light-duty fleet by 2030.

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Programs supporting the greening of commercial vehicles and fleets

Green Freight Program

Make your medium- and heavy-duty vehicles greener through assessments, retrofits, and engine replacements to more efficient models with the support of NRCan’s Green Freight Program.

iMHZEV Program for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles

Up to $200,000 is available at the point-of-sale to Canadian businesses and to organizations for the purchase or lease of medium- and heavy-duty ZEVs. Trucks, cargo vans, shuttles, and other commercial vehicles fall into the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle category.

Zero-Emission Transit Fund

Funding to support public transit and school bus operators who are planning to electrify their fleets, purchase zero-emission buses, and build supporting infrastructure.


Canada’s businesses and freight industry are taking on the SmartDriver challenge to drive in a more energy-efficient way

Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP)

ZEVIP supports projects that aim to increase the availability of electric charging and clean fuels refuelling stations and infrastructure across Canada.

Considerations for fleet managers

To get started, here are some things to keep in mind when preparing to green your fleet:

  • Benchmark daily vehicle usage against your operational needs. This will help you right-size your fleet and choose suitable ZEV options.
  • Make use of fleet-greening tools and resources. Onboard vehicle telematics, fleet management information systems, and energy-efficient driving courses will help you maximize total cost of ownership savings and anticipate range requirements.
  • Engage employees and senior management early in the decision-making process. It is important to communicate fleet greening plans within your organization to foster awareness and promote the benefits of ZEVs and low-carbon vehicles.
  • Develop a plan to ensure that your facilities are ZEV-ready. Infrastructure planning is a strategic first step to reduce range anxiety.
  • Keep updated on your vehicles’ service life and replacement schedules to ensure the oldest, most inefficient vehicles are replaced first. Change will not happen overnight.

Additional resources

Using hydrogen in Canada

Hydrogen can help decrease costs for fleets that regularly return to a central location or base, such as medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Fuel consumption ratings search tool

If you have a fleet of light-duty vehicles, you can use this tool to compare the fuel efficiency, annual fuel (including electricity for EVs) costs, and emissions of vehicles to determine what works best for your needs and objectives.

Looking for an electric vehicle charging or hydrogen refuelling station?

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