Zero-emission vehicles – Project funding

ZEV infrastructure, awareness, research and deployment

Looking for project funding related to low- and zero-emission transportation?

We offer several funding programs for projects that align with Canada's strong commitment to decarbonizing transportation, either through direct emissions reductions or activities that enable the adoption of cleaner technologies.

Supported projects include:

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Zero-emission vehicle infrastructure funding programs

Funding for zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure as part of Canada’s transition to clean transportation.

Zero-Emission Trucking Program

Funding to accelerate the safe deployment of zero-emission trucks on Canadian roads by contributing to regulatory modernization, research support, and deployments for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles (MHZEV), and investing in facility upgrades at the Motor Vehicle Test Centre to increase MHZEV testing capabilities.

Education and awareness project funding – clean transportation and clean fuels

Funding for projects that address gaps in awareness, knowledge and public and industry confidence in zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) of all classes, lower-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicle options, and/or clean fuels.

ZEVAI Indigenous-led projects pilot

Supports Indigenous-led projects that aim to address awareness and knowledge gaps related to all types of ZEVs, lower-carbon medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, and clean fuels, such as clean hydrogen and biofuels.

Energy Innovation Program

Funding research, development and demonstration (RD&D) projects, and other related scientific activities that improve energy efficiency and processes to reduce emissions from end-use. RD&D projects will focus on innovations for MHZEVs, ZEV charging and fueling infrastructure, transportation system efficiency, and batteries.

Electric vehicle infrastructure funding announcements across Canada

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