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AAACT offers a wide range of adaptations, alternate approaches, tools, training, services, resources and adaptive computer technologies for public service employees with disabilities or injuries. It allows you to explore, experiment, and learn about, inclusive design, collaborative workplaces and adaptive solutions. This can include:

  • changes to font sizes
  • alternate workplace setups to reduce strain and injury
  • new tools such as keyboards or mice
  • new ways of working through individualized coaching

Adaptive computer technology is any hardware or software that enables a person with a disability or injury to use a computer, tablet, phone or other digital devices who could not use it otherwise. This is done by changing the way the computer interacts with users or the way users interact with the computer. The solutions may include specific tools, techniques, or strategies in addition to software or hardware.

There are over 130 software packages and 4000 different technical aids in use across the federal public service. These are needed to respond to a wide variety of vision, hearing, cognitive, learning, physical, and other disability-related requirements.

The Lending Library Service Pilot

The Lending Library pilot project is a fast-tracked accommodations process put in place to quickly provide adaptive hardware, software, resources and tools to public service employees. The Lending Library aims to address barriers that delay access to specialized services and workplace adjustments needed by:

  • Determinate employees with disabilities or injuries allowing them to focus on their job and training, gain valuable work experiences during their terms and deliver services to Canadians (determinate employees are employed on a temporary basis and include students, interns, casual and term employees).
  • Determinate and indeterminate employees who remain at work when they are experiencing the short-term or occasional effects of a disability, injury or illness.

The service provides ongoing support by AAACT to employees and their managers. Team performance depends on all members having the tools to deliver on priorities together.

AAACT Services

For individuals, the experience begins with an informal session to discuss:

  • accessibility and inclusive design
  • job accommodation
  • workplace adjustments
  • adaptive technology
  • navigating and removing barriers
  • best practices
  • trends and research

Job Accommodation and Adaptation

This includes the following activities and assessments:

  • workflow accessibility requirements
  • tailored job accommodation plans and possible loan of equipment
  • alternate techniques and new ways of working
  • hardware and software compatibility
  • process improvements
  • fast tracked accommodations for short-term employees

AAACT staff will follow up to make sure that your needs continue to be met. Our experts will work with your department's IT professionals to integrate and support adaptive technology within your technical environment.

Inclusive Design and Digital Accessibility

The “inclusive by design and accessible by default” concept means that accessibility should be built into products, services, workplaces and content from the start, rather than added to them afterwards. It is a standards-based approach that saves in upfront costs and increases inclusivity.

AAACT can help your organization to:

  • create engaging accessible digital content, website materials and documents
  • test, evaluate and understand compliance with digital content accessibility standards
  • design, procure and test enterprise solutions, information and communication technologies (ICT), and services that meet digital accessibility requirements
  • conduct user testing with people who have disabilities
  • 3D print customized solutions
  • convert documents into multiple formats (DAISY, Braille, audio, and so on)

Training, Workshops and Skills development

AAACT provides:

  • hands-on training programs for technicians in adaptive computer technology
  • accessibility Boot Camps for publishers, webmasters and application developers
  • accessible document design and testing
  • customized training for both individuals and groups
  • general awareness sessions
  • equipment and software demonstrations
  • outreach and speaking opportunities

On-going workshops:

  • No Wrong Door – Working Together on a Barrier Free Workplace
  • Inclusion by Design - Information and Communication Technology Accessibility
  • High Visibility: No Eye Strain, No Pain
  • Adaptive Computer Technology – What is it?

Reach out to AAACT if you are:

  • an employee with a disability or injury who needs adaptive tools or services, advice on best practices, or resources to access workplace technology
  • a manager addressing workplace barriers for an employee with a disability, seeking advice on best practices, or looking for resources to access workplace technology
  • a human resources professional supporting programs with hiring processes. AAACT will help you tap into the underrepresented talents of people with disabilitiesFootnote 1
  • an IT professional who needs to learn how to support adaptive computer technology AAACT can help you integrate the adaptive computer technology tools into the users' technical environment and troubleshoot issues
  • a procurement professional who needs to identify if accessibility is addressed in procurements
  • a government organization looking to support its employees through training, workshops, skills development, mentoring, or sessions on topics such as creating accessible digital content and documents


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