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Shared Services Canada publishes a variety of information related to its many activities and responsibilities.

Departmental Results Report (formerly Departmental Performance Reports)

Departmental Results Report (DRRs) are individual department and agency accounts of actual accomplishments against plans, priorities and expected results set out in their respective Departmental Plan (DP). DRRs and DPs make up Part III (the Departmental Expenditure Plans) of the Estimates publications.

Through DRRs, individual departments and agencies provide information on how they are progressing toward their strategic goals—also known as strategic outcomes. DRRs cover the most recently completed fiscal year and are normally tabled in the fall.

Departmental Plan (formerly Report on Plans and Priorities)

Departmental Plan (DPs) are forward-looking documents that provide plans for each department and agency (excluding Crown corporations). They describe departmental priorities, expected results and associated resource requirements covering three fiscal years.

DPs are normally tabled by the President of the Treasury Board on behalf of the Government of Canada, on or before March 31 each year. They are a component of Part III (Departmental Expenditure Plans) of the Estimates process, along with the Departmental Result Reports.

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