Iridium Satellite Services Contract Award


Following a competitive procurement process for the renewal of Iridium Satellite Services, three contracts with a combined value of $13.2M (including HST) have been awarded to MetOcean Telematics and Track24 Canada Ltd., under three service streams. Each contract is in place for a three-year period, with three one-year options: 

Contract Stream 1 – Voice and Data Services and Equipment 

Purpose: For voice, data, pager and push-to-talk services and equipment

Awardee: MetOcean Telematics

Contract value: $8,475,000 (including HST) 

Contract Stream 2 – Geolocation Tracking Services and Equipment 

Purpose: For tracking services to identify the geographic location of network devices

Awardee: Track24 Canada Ltd.

Contract value: $4,407,000 (including HST) 

Contract Stream 3 – Short-burst Data and Iridium Router-based Data Services 

Purpose: Short data messaging between field equipment and a centralized computer system and the collection/storage of data from remote equipment to a central server

Awardee: MetOcean Telematics

Contract value: $339,000 (including HST) 

Complementary to Shared Services Canada’s suite of mobile satellite services, the Iridium Satellite Service provides worldwide connectivity (including voice, data and geolocation services) to over 4,000 employees at more than 25 departments and agencies. Iridium Satellite Services can be accessed using handheld, vehicular, marine and/or fixed communications terminals and can be used in a variety of ways. For example: 

  • Parks Canada rangers and fire wardens use Iridium satellite phones and pagers to report possible emergency situations, such as fires.

  • Environment and Climate Change Canada has buoys equipped with Iridium transceivers. This service is used to transmit surface current, sea-surface temperatures and provide GPS positioning, among other information, of the buoys at sea.

  • The Department of National Defence uses the tracking and messaging equipment and services to track and send messages to their personnel for operations.    

    For further information on the Iridium Satellite Services contracts, please visit the Government of Canada’s Buy and Sell web page.


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