Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)

Canadian Special Operations Regiment

About the unit

The Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) is a special operations forces (SOF) unit that generates and employs high-readiness personnel capable of full-spectrum operations in support of Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) directed objectives by the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) at home and abroad.

CSOR continually invests in its people and improves its capabilities to achieve mission success against future violent extremist organizations and strategically competitive adversaries with a discreet and limited footprint in sensitive and contested environments.

Our responsibilities

We provide CANSOFCOM, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), and the Government of Canada (GOC) with a versatile and multi-mission force capable of delivering SOF teams and task forces on very short notice. Deployed to defend Canada and Canadian interests, and support allies and partners, we are the spearhead of expeditionary forces.

Our expertise

We pursue mastery of core skills in relation to Special Warfare, Special Reconnaissance, and Direct Action.

CSOR prioritizes Special Warfare, both for baseline training and operational effects. Effective Special Warfare requires a combination of lethal and non-lethal effects, the generation of critical and unique specialty skillsets – including Special Air Warfare – and a deep understanding of cultural and integration requirements to fight alongside partner forces in permissive, non-permissive, and hostile environments.

Our SOF professionals – who support our operations in the specialty fields of medical, logistics, communications, intelligence, and other technical expertise – play an integral role in CSOR’s operational effectiveness, both at home and abroad. They can work in austere conditions, and with minimal direct supervision, producing high-quality results when executing any mission.


CSOR is a special operations forces (SOF) unit with the capabilities and responsiveness to operate in austere and hostile environments throughout the spectrum of conflict, with the agility to conduct and support a broad range of special operations missions. The Regiment is based upon the Special Forces Operator – a SOF member who pursues mastery of Special Warfare, Special Reconnaissance, and Direct Action. CSOR provides the Government of Canada with a robust, flexible, and high-readiness expeditionary force that can be deployed abroad or domestically in defence of Canada. Its ability to rapidly adapt to a dynamic security environment provides CANSOFCOM with a versatile, multi-mission force, capable of delivering tactical-to-strategic levels of SOF effects.

CSOR was officially stood up on 13 August 2006 to meet the demands for a “relevant, responsive and effective CANSOFCOM” that was agile, robust, and capable of supporting others or conducting a broad range of domestic and expeditionary special operations missions on its own. General Rick Hillier, the serving CDS at the time, explained: “What we needed was a complete special operations team that works closely together and can interoperate seamlessly, as opposed to being put together on an ad hoc basis.” He added: “That’s exactly what CSOR will do – provide the missing assets in our special operations team and the capabilities that we simply didn’t have before.”

CSOR traces its roots back to the legendary “Black Devils,” or as they are more commonly known, the Canadian / American First Special Service Force (FSSF) of Second World War fame. As such, CSOR proudly perpetuates the FSSF character and carries their battle honours. 

The role of CSOR has evolved during the past several decades as persistent global conflict has created a security environment in which SOF are in high demand. Since its formation, CSOR has also been heavily involved in SOF training and operations in Canada and globally.

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