GCTools: re-imagined for you

The GCTools, which now include GCconnex, GCpedia, GCintranet, GCdirectory and GCcollab, have been updated with improved user functionality and a common look. These tools make your job easier with more ways to collaborate, network and access authoritative content.

GCTools: re-imagined for you - Transcript

Across the screen the messages begin to appear: "GCTools, reimagined for you. Share your knowledge and ideas."

In front the messages continuously shift to the middle, "Send and receive fewer emails." The message spins and becomes a new one: "Find people you need." It slides away and the next message appears: "Work with anyone, anywhere." Under it, "Promote government-wide GC activities." Again in the middle: "Collaboration made easy."

The GCconnex symbol moves to the front of the screen. It is a circle with three people inside connected by a circle bringing them together, symbolizing a network. The GCconnex tagline appears in front of the symbol: "Connecting people and ideas."

The symbol spins and turns into the GCcollab symbol, a sphere with lines, representing collaboration. The GCcollab tagline appears in front of the symbol: "Shaping the Future of Canada."

The symbol spins and turns into the GCpedia symbol, a document with three people next to it, representing people collaborating on a document or project. The GCpedia tagline appears in front of the symbol: "Information at your fingertips."

The symbol spins and turns into the GCdirectory symbol, three people side by side, representing people collaborating. The GCdirectory tagline appears in front of the symbol: "Identifying employees in the workplace."

GCintranet's symbol comes to the centre of the screen. The symbol highlights the letter "I" as a symbol of the information and content available. The GCintranet tagline appears in front of the symbol: "Your window to the public service."

Very quickly the next message zooms to the middle of the screen: "One Public service, collaborative culture." Each word that follows stacks under one another, like a tower: "Streamlined, efficient, relevant, user-driven, integrated, engaged."

They disappear and the next message emerges in the middle of the screen: "Discover new ways of working."

Different images of GCconnex, GCcollab, GCpedia, GCdirectory, and GCintranet move across the screen. The first image displays a GCconnex group, showing the group's avatar, title and description. The list of group members and the group activity feed users is also displayed where users can view the group's discussions and blogs.

The next image is of GCCollab. This image highlights the News Feed with boxes across the right of the screen showing both the events of the day and latest wire posts.

Next a picture of the GCpedia homepage is shown, showcasing the GCPedia Spotlight, which can be used for promotional purposes and to highlight key GC initiative. Below the GCpedia Spotlight appears a list of featured communities.

Next a picture of the GCdirectory homepage is shown, showcasing an employee profile, which can be used as contact information. The page turns into an image of the GCintranet homepage, which has a large image of the Blueprint 2020 Innovation Fair banner, and transitions to the GCintranet seach page where users can search for content across GCconnex, GCpedia, and GCintranet.

The final image appears in the middle of the screen. The message "GCTools: Your knowledge at work" sits on top of the different symbols of GCconnex, GCcollab, GCpedia, GCdirectory, and GCintranet and the GCTools symbol, which is a circle larger than the rest that sits in the middle of the symbols with lines running throughout it.

The message and images disappear and the message "intranet.canada.ca" moves into the middle, then the word "Canada" moves to the middle with the Canadian flag.

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