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Women's History Month
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2021-11-05)

This #WomensHistoryMonth discover powerful agents of change, past and present, who have impacted the #GoC. There are so many people who deserve the spotlight. Check out a few of our faves!

Make the most of your finance career with the Government of Canada
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2021-09-14)

The Financial Management Community and Development is dedicated to helping the Government of Canada’s finance community enhance their skills and grow in their career through recruitment initiatives, development programs and learning and networking events.

My Accessible GC - Episode 4
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2021-03-11)

In the fourth episode of My Accessible GC, Deputy Minister Yazmine Laroche interviews Jeff Willbond, when he was Director of Accessibility at Canada Post. This video series focuses on public servants doing amazing work – public servants who also happen to have a disability.

My Accessible GC - Episode 3
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2020-11-18)

In the third episode of the My Accessible GC video series, Deputy Minister Yazmine Laroche meets Mélanie Provost, the Government of Canada Workplace Accessibility Champion and Coordinator of the GC Workplace Innovation Center at Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

My Accessible GC - Episode 2
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2020-06-02)

In the second episode of the My Accessible GC video series, Deputy Minister Yazmine Laroche interviews Graham Spero, when he worked as a Junior Program Officer at the Public Health Agency of Canada. This series will focus on public servants doing amazing work—public servants who also happen to have a disability of some kind.

Open Data Day with Minister Joyce Murray
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2020-03-06)

As Open Data Day approaches, Minister Joyce Murray seeks Canadians input to update the National Action Plan on Open Government.

Open Government
My Accessible GC - Episode 1
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2020-01-28)

In this first episode of the My Accessible GC video series, Deputy Minister Yazmine Laroche interviews Mae Johnson, Chair of the Committee of Persons with Disabilities at Health Canada.

The hidden potential of open data
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2020-01-27)

Canadians, meet free open data. It might bring you closer to leveling up your professional and personal goals, for almost anything you are working on.

Open Government
Living Digital - Marc Viau
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-12-04)

What is Living Digital? Meet Marc Viau, UX enthusiast and digital communications advisor from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

The Government of Canada launches its first ever accessibility strategy (ASL translation)
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-10-01)

The Government of Canada launched its first ever accessibility strategy for the public service of Canada, setting the conditions to identify, prevent, and remove barriers in the workplace to persons with disabilities.

We're hiring Indigenous Talent
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-09-24)
The Treasury Board Secretariat has launched a campaign to recruit post-secondary Indigenous graduates for analyst positions. Learn more about the experience of a new TBS recruit. Recruitment
What does LGBTQ2+ mean?
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-08-21)
Part of supporting the LGBTQ2+ community involves learning the right language to be inclusive and respectful. The proper terminology matters. This video defines the LGBTQ2+ acronym. LGBTQ2+
Understanding non-binary
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-08-19)
Showing respect for someone's identity starts with understanding. This video explains what non binary means and why it's important to be mindful with the use of pronouns. LGBTQ2+
Innovation in the workplace: a snapshot
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-07-16)

This video highlights a few of the modern and innovative initiatives that are being implemented within the Comptrollership function in the Government of Canada.

NextGen Vendor Announcement
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-07-02)

On June 12, 2019, the NextGen Team announced a list of qualified vendors. These vendors will continue to work with the government to identify the path forward for the Next Generation solution, in preparation for the replacement of Phoenix.

NextGen Employee Feedback
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-06-19)

Earlier this year, the NextGen team held user expos all across Canada. This video is to thank the employees who participated and provided feedback.

A whole new world with #GCDigital (Aladdin parody)
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-06-19)

#GCDigital is making wishes come true. is an easy-to-use website that has the latest on digital government.

National Public Service Week 2019
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-06-10)

Federal public servants across Canada have every reason to be proud of their accomplishments. Every year throughout Canada, the third week of the month of June is known as "National Public Service Week".

Government of Canada's Open by Default pilot
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-05-31)

The Open by Default pilot will give members of the public a behind-the-scenes look as federal departments' documents are created and shared openly online.

Open Government
Algorithmic Impact Assessment
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-05-27)

Artificial Intelligence can help us do great things, but any disruptive technology needs to be used with the best interests of Canadians in mind. The #GC Algorithmic Impact Assessment helps ensure we're doing that.

The Government of Canada launches its first ever accessibility strategy
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-05-27)

The Government of Canada launched its first ever accessibility strategy for the public service of Canada, setting the conditions to identify, prevent, and remove barriers in the workplace to persons with disabilities.

Minister Murray welcomes you to the 2019 #OGPCanada Global Summit
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-05-10)

Minister Murray welcomes countries from around the world to the 2019 Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Ottawa, May 29-31.

Open Government
Overview of AI Day in Ottawa
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-04-25)

On March 4, 2019, industry and government representatives got together to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence.

Working Towards the Next Generation of HR and Pay
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-04-04)

This video highlights the Government of Canada's (GC) commitment to next steps in building a modern and flexible HR and Pay platform to better support the public service workforce in the future and some of the potential functionality and needs that users have identified through a series of workshops.

Open Government Week 2019: Message from Alex Benay
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-03-13)

Government of Canada Chief Information Officer, Alex Benay, shares an update on Open Government Week 2019.

Open Government
AI procurement for a digital world
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2019-03-04)

The Government of Canada is starting to use Artificial Intelligence to inform decision-making, be more efficient, and provide better services to Canadians. See how it works.

GC InfoBase at a glance
(Ottawa, Ontario – 018-12-28)

Your go-to source for authoritative federal government data.

How the Government of Canada is using an agile approach to advance options for a next generation HR and pay solution
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-12-07)

How the Government of Canada is using an agile approach to advance options for a next generation HR and pay solution.

GC InfoBase: Budget Estimates Alignment
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-11-16)

Find the latest information on all government finances, people and results.

How do you use GCcollab?
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-11-07)

Learn how citizens and public servants are using the Government of Canada's digital collaboration tool.

Mental health and wellness in the workplace at the 2018 Innovation Fair
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-10-15)

Learn more about the Center of Expertise's efforts at the 2018 Innovation Fair to raise awareness and help public servants manage mental health and well-being in the workplace.

Mental health
Alex Benay: on a Digital Public Service
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-10-12)

Government of Canada Chief Information Officer, Alex Benay, expands on the importance of digital in the public sector.

TBS Policy and Program Analyst Post-Secondary Recruitment Campaign
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-10-09)

The Treasury Board Secretariat has launched a campaign to recruit post-secondary students in EC-02 analyst positions. Here's why you should apply.

2018-2019 co-chair priorities for the Open Government Partnership
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-10-01)

From October 2018 to September 2019, the Government of Canada and Nathaniel Heller are leading the Open Government Partnership, a global forum for advancing open government. Here's what they have planned.

Open government
Innovating using voice technology - vehicle recalls
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-09-27)

The Government of Canada is taking action to enhance client experiences by embracing new methods and tools to improve how it designs, builds and delivers its services to Canadians.

Canada's trusted digital identity vision
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-09-18)

Canada's vision for quick and easy access to government services using trusted digital identities.

Your Government at Work
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-08-31)

Actual footage of public servants at work. Join us!

(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-07-06)

When you think about working in technology for the #GC, what comes to mind? Dusty server rooms? Flip-flop programmers? In fact, there's much, much more.

National Public Service Week
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-06-11)

Federal public servants across the country have every reason to be proud of their accomplishments. They ranked #1 in the 2017 International Civil Service Effectiveness Index.

Cracking the Code
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-05-30)

The Cracking the Code video helps people who are looking for a new career with the Government of Canada to navigate the application process step by step.

Open Government Week – cause for celebration
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-05-07)

Canada is joining the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and countries around the world in hosting Open Government Week from May 7-11, 2018. Join us in celebrating transparency, accountability, and participation in government.

Open government
What is Public Engagement?
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-03-07)

How do you want to be engaged? Laura Wesley provides her insights on what public engagement means, and how the Government of Canada is trying to involve citizens and stakeholders in government decision making, and the activities and business of government.

Open government
Canada joins leading digital nations in D7
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-02-23)

Minister Brison explains how joining the Digital 7 (D7) provides Canada fresh opportunities to learn from the world leaders in digital government.

Digital transformation
The Faces of Mental Health in the Public Service
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-01-31)

As part of Bell Canada's efforts to reduce the stigma of mental illness, the Government of Canada's Center of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace invites you to join the dialogue in building a mentally healthier, safer, collaborative, inclusive and respectful workplace.

Mental health
What is Canada doing on Open Government
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-01-11)

Learn how we are making government open to all Canadians. Jaimie Boyd, who leads the open government team, shares how her team is helping to make open government part of how we do public policy in the Government of Canada.

Open government
Opening up government through Open by Default
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2018-01-05)

Learn how we are making open government possible for all Canadians. Alex Benay, the Government of Canada's Chief Information Officer, shares how the Open by Default Pilot is opening up government working documents as they're being created for all Canadians to use.

Open government
Canada's Greening Government Strategy
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2017-12-19)

Canada has committed to combat climate change by showing leadership and putting our own house in order. We want to push ourselves to be as low-carbon as we can, because it's what we need to do. With a pathway set by the new Greening Government Strategy, we will be using less water, producing less waste, and ensuring our carbon footprint is as small as possible.

Greening government
What is Open Government?
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2017-11-02)

We asked some of our colleagues in the Open Government Secretariat to share their thoughts on what open government means, and how you can get involved.

Open government
Bold, Digital Government (Alex Benay rant)
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2017-10-26)

Alex Benay, the Government of Canada's Chief Information Officer, explores government's digital future in this video rant.

Digital transformation
Open Government Action Plan Callout - Melanie Robert
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2017-10-25)

We are now creating Canada's 4th Action Plan on Open Government. This is your opportunity to help make government more open and responsive!

Open government
TBS 2017 Post-Secondary Recruitment Program podcast
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2017-10-18)

Alix Dostal and Jesse Fleming discuss the 2017 Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) Post-Secondary Recruitment Program and the type of work accomplished by TBS analysts.

Minister Brison talks innovative funding models
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2017-10-17)

The Treasury Board Secretariat is giving departments new paths for distributing government grants and contribution programs that aim to solve existing problems. The new TBS approach, entitled generic terms and conditions, applies to all departments and agencies covered by the Treasury Board Policy on Transfer Payments.

Create your Canada
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2017-09-15)

A diverse civil service improves our capacity to innovate by bringing different ways of thinking and skills to the workplace. That's why the Government of Canada is working to encourage more diversity in its IT community.

IT community
Announcement on diversity in the federal public service
(Toronto, Ontario – 2017-04-20)

The President of the Treasury Board, the Honourable Scott Brison, and the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, welcome an important initiative by the Public Service Commission of Canada to test the sustainability and effectiveness of applying name-blind recruitment techniques in the federal public service.

Greening our government culture
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2017-03-08)

Learn how the Government of Canada and other organizations can build a workplace culture of sustainability.

Greening government
Culture change at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2016-12-02)

This report highlights a number of government wide and internal initiatives that TBS has either implemented in the past year or is now carrying out to modernize Canada's public service.

Culture change
Mental health in the workplace: make a difference
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2016-11-28)

Health and wellness are crucial to our workplace. As public servants, we all have a role to play to ensure we work in a healthy, respectful and supportive work environment. Together, we can achieve that goal and strive to be a high performing public service.

Mental health
Moving Forward with Greening Government
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2016-11-03)

Watch this discussion on the future of greening government with Catherine McKenna, the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Treasury Board President Scott Brison and Parliamentary Secretary Joyce Murray.

Greening government
GCTools: re-imagined for you
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2016-08-31)

The GCTools, which now include GCconnex, GCpedia, GCintranet, GCdirectory and GCcollab, have been updated with improved user functionality and a common look. These tools make your job easier with more ways to collaborate, network and access authoritative content.

Women's History Month (5 of 5): The Honourable Jocelyne Bourgon
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2015-10-30)

The Honourable Jocelyne Bourgon, P.C., O.C., the first female Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet, discusses her work experience.

Women's history month
Women's History Month (4 of 5): Major (Ret.) Deanna Brasseur
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2015-10-23)

Major (Ret.) Deanna Brasseur, Canada's first female jet fighter pilot, explains how changes to Canadian Armed Forces rules and laws in 1979 allowed her to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a pilot.

Women's history month
Women's History Month (3 of 5): Dr. Donna Kirkwood
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2015-10-16)

Dr. Donna Kirkwood explains how she left the academic sector to share her knowledge and skills to become the first Director of the Geological Survey of Canada – the country's oldest scientific agency and one of its first government organizations – and how she supports girls in science.

Women's history month
Women's History Month (2 of 5): Brigadier-General Lise Bourgon
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2015-10-09)

Brigadier-General Lise Bourgon, currently Canadian commander of Joint Task Force Iraq, talks about how her military journey started on the Shearwater base as a pilot and has culminated in her becoming the first pilot Colonel commander of that same squadron.

Women's history month
Women's History Month: Her Story, Our Story – Celebrating Canadian Women
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2015-10-01)

October is Women's History Month. This photomontage highlights the outstanding achievements of women who have shaped the nation in which we live: as pioneers taking the first bold steps into the unknown, as innovators accelerating progress, and as activists at the vanguard of social change.

Women's history month
International Women's Day
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2015-03-05)

Video tribute to female public servants, recognizing women's contributions, both past and present for International Women's Day.

International women's day
History of Estimates
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2014-11-12)

The Expenditure Management System is designed to ensure that all programs are focused on results, provide value for taxpayers' money and are aligned with the government's priorities and responsibilities.

Expenditure management system
National Public Service Week Video: Meet Helen Small
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2014-06-17)

Meet Helen Small, a proud former public servant who, in 1950, became the first female analyst to work at TBS.

Management Accountability Framework Assessment Process
(Ottawa, Ontario – 2014-06-16)

The MAF is a key tool of oversight that is used by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) to help ensure that federal departments and agencies are well managed, accountable and that resources are allocated to achieve results.

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