Centre on Diversity and Inclusion

The Centre on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) is dedicated to examining the barriers and challenges to achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace. This work is critical to making sure our policies, programs and services are sensitive to the needs of all people of Canada.

CDI’s mandate

In support of the Government of Canada’s focus on diversity and inclusion in the public service, we aim to:

  • lead new and innovative initiatives on diversity and inclusion
  • develop innovative solutions for recruitment and talent management
  • coordinate with stakeholders whose policies and programs affect the diversity and inclusion agenda
  • co-develop solutions with the many diversity and inclusion networks across the public service
  • lead change management and monitor our ongoing progress on these priorities and commitments.

Much of this work will be co-developed with the diverse communities it is intended to serve. We recognize the importance of valuing the lived experience and expertise of public servants to complement the data that we are already collecting. We want to amplify those voices and connect public servants with the issues and ideas that impact their workplaces. Specific initiatives and support for public servants will include:

Mosaic Leadership Development program

CDI co-developed the Mosaic Leadership Development program, a leadership development program for employees at the EX minus 1 level that equips equity-seeking employees to enter the EX group.

Mosaic has three main components: sponsorship, learning and an experience-building opportunity.

  • Sponsorship: participants are supported throughout their participation in the Mosaic program and are offered access to opportunities they wouldn’t other have
  • Experience-building: participants have opportunities for assignments and secondments to practise and develop their leadership skills and competencies
  • Learning: participants are provided with a customized curriculum to target the behaviours and skills needed to succeed as an executive.

Increasing the diversity of executives will boost diversity and inclusion overall, as leaders have a significant influence on organizational culture. More diverse and representative senior ranks will accelerate the culture shift that the Government of Canada desires, toward a better and more inclusive federal public service.

Mentorship Plus

The Mentorship Plus program supports career progression for equity-seeking groups.

The program is unique as it is co-developed with equity seeking groups and enhances traditional mentorship by adding the element of sponsorship. As such, the program pairs employees with Executive mentors/sponsors to:

  • navigate the system for upward career mobility
  • provide better visibility in informal networks
  • access development opportunities to build skills necessary for the executive cadre

Federal Speakers’ Forum on Lived Experience

A dedicated speakers’ forum on mental health, diversity and inclusion, co-developed with members of equity-seeking groups, will give voice to public servants who are interested in sharing their expertise, lived experience, perspectives, and stories about their journey in the federal workplace. The Forum will:

  • raise awareness and provide knowledge by sharing lived experience
  • shift mindsets and behaviors of employees towards embracing mental health, diversity and inclusion as necessary values and practices
  • highlight the barriers experienced by equity seeking groups as well as their associated impacts.

There is much more to come from the Centre on Diversity and Inclusion. To find out more, contact us at Speakers-Conferenciers@tbs-sct.gc.ca.

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