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Translation (TR) Group Definition

Pursuant to section 101 of the Public Service Reform Act, the Treasury Board of Canada hereby provides notice that the following definition shall apply to the Translation Group effective .

The Translation Group comprises positions that are primarily involved in translation, simultaneous or consecutive interpretation and terminology, and the provision of language advisory services.


Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, for greater certainty, it includes positions that have, as their primary purpose, responsibility for one or more of the following activities:

  1. the provision of translation, simultaneous or consecutive interpretation and terminology services;
  2. the revision of translated material, including text editing and the verification of the intent of the text;
  3. the conduct of terminological and linguistic research;
  4. the training or provision of consultative services to translators, interpreters, terminologists and others working in language-related fields;
  5. the provision of expert language advisory services; and
  6. the leadership of any of the above activities.


Positions excluded from the Translation Group are those whose primary purpose is included in the definition of any other group or those in which the following activity is of primary importance:

  1. the explanation, promotion and publication of federal government programs, policies and services.
Job Evaluation Standard

Translation (TR) Job Evaluation Standard

You can obtain a copy of the TR Job Evaluation Standard through the job evaluation standards on GCintranet (only available on the Government of Canada network) or by contacting TBS Public Enquiries.

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