Amendments to the Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment 2017


To: Heads of Human Resources, Directors/Chiefs of Labour Relations and Compensation, Public Service Pay Centre, Miramichi

The purpose of this Information Bulletin is to inform you of the recent amendments to the Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment, which have been made to ease the potential financial hardship resulting from the transition to Phoenix for persons beginning Disability Insurance, Maternity or Parental Leave or Employment Insurance sickness benefits.

This new provision is to allow an emergency replacement payment or priority payment to be issued to persons who have applied for disability insurance under a plan applicable to employees of the core public administration or for Employment Insurance for the purposes of sickness, or for maternity or parental leave under the terms of the relevant collective agreement.

Departments are expected to take full advantage of these new provisions.

This emergency replacement pay service or priority pay is a recoverable amount issued on an emergency basis to alleviate financial hardship. Some exceptions may apply. The payment is to approximate the person’s regular net pay entitlement, not to exceed two thirds (66%) of the person’s gross pay.

For more information about the eligibility criteria and the different recovery options offered to affected employees, please refer to the Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment.

These changes are effective .

All questions should be directed to your Departmental Corporate Labour Relations or Corporate Compensation Official who, if required will direct their questions to the Compensation and Labour Relations group at the following email address:

Original signed by Zia Proulx
Senior Director
Core Public Administration
Compensation Management
Compensation and Labour Relations
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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