Annual Update to the Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive - Appendices A, B, K-1,K-2

To: Functional Heads of Administration, Human Resources and Financial Service

CC: Northern Federal Regional Councils, Departmental Designated Coordinators for the IPGHD Committee members of the NJC IPGHD (for information)

Please distribute this notice and the amended appendices of the Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive (IPGHD) as quickly as possible to persons at your headquarters and regional offices who are involved in the administration of the allowances.

The purpose of this notice is to provide you with the approved updates to the Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive (IPGHD) effective retroactively to . These changes were arrived at following consultations within the National Joint Council and are in accordance with the approved methodologies. The IPGHD has been amended to reflect these changes:

  1. The Environment Allowance rates, Appendix B, have been increased, effective .
  2. The Living Cost Differential rates, Appendix C, have been increased effective .
  3. The Shelter Cost Differential rates, Appendix K-1 and K-2, have, have adjusted effective .
  4. As a result of a survey conducted by Statistics Canada, the Fuel and Utilities Differential (F&UD) levels, Appendix A, of a number of locations have been revised. These levels are effective .

Employees must receive a four month notification (an email message is acceptable) of any reduction to a classification as established in Section 2.12 of the IPGHD. Therefore, a notice should be sent out immediately but not later than to all affected employees.

No pay action should be taken to implement the revisions to Appendices A, B, C and K of the IPGHD (as mentioned in paragraphs b., c, d, and e above), until further instructions are received from the applicable pay office of Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Any retroactive payments resulting from the above changes are to be administered in the same manner as retroactive increases to employees' pay.

This information notice will be available on the Treasury Board Secretariat website.

Any questions from employees and regional staff should be directed to the appropriate Designated Departmental IPGHD Coordinators who, as required, can contact the appropriate officers at the Treasury Board Secretariat.

Claudia Zovatto
Senior Director
Union Engagement Coordination and NJC Support
Compensation and Labour Relations Sector

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