Change to the Leave Reporting System - New Leave Code


To: Directors/Heads of Labour Relations and Compensation

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform you that a new leave code has been created in the Leave Reporting System.

A new code has been created to track the use of sessional leave for certain employees who are assigned in operational sections serving Parliament (Parliamentary Committees, Parliamentary Debates, Parliamentary Documents and Parliamentary Interpretation Services) and who share the same working conditions as members of the Translation bargaining unit who are eligible for parliamentary leave. The new code will apply to employees of the following groups:

  • Administrative Services (AS), Clerical and Regulatory (CR) and Secretarial, Stenographic and Typing (ST) of the Program and Administrative Services (PA) Group
    (Appendix B of their collective agreement refers);
  • Economics and Social Sciences Services (EC) Group
    (Appendix F of their collective agreement refers);
  • General Technical (GT) of the Technical Services (TC) Group
    (Appendix N of their collective agreement refers).

This mandatory leave code has been created as follows:

Other Paid Leave

Code 616 - Sessional Leave

Departments must ensure that their leave reporting system is amended accordingly. The effective date for reporting leave transactions to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) will be as of .

Questions regarding this bulletin should be directed to your departmental corporate compensation official.

Kevin Marchand
Pay Administration and Policy
Core Public Administration
Compensation and Labour Relations
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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