Interpretation: Contacts Factor and Benchmarks in Clerical and Regulatory Job Evaluation  Standard

Date: September 30, 2015
To: Heads of Human Resources
Cc: Chiefs of Classification
Subject: Interpretation: Contacts Factor and Benchmarks in Clerical and Regulatory Job Evaluation Standard


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1 December 9, 2021
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This bulletin clarifies the definition of “Senior Employees” as it pertains to the “Contacts” factor in the Clerical and Regulatory (CR) Job Evaluation Standard. It also serves to remind departments of the elimination of Benchmark 22 from the CR Job Evaluation Standard.


The term “Senior Employees” in the “Persons Contacted” component of the “Responsibility for Contacts” factor is a key element for the proper application of the rating plan of the CR Job Evaluation Standard. However, the term is not clearly defined.

The original version of the CR standard defined “Senior Employees” as “those in positions having maximum salaries above that of the highest salary in the Administrative Support Category”.

Using maximum salary is problematic because:

  • maximum salaries fluctuate due to negotiated collective agreements; and
  • new occupational groups have been created over time.

New definition of “senior employees”

To ensure consistency of application, salary will no longer be considered when identifying “Senior Employees” in this context. Instead, from this point forward, the levels of positions indicated in the table attached to this bulletin will be used when evaluating this aspect of the “Contacts” factor.

Benchmark 22

It has come to our attention that some classification advisors may still be using pre-1976 paper versions of the CR standard which contains Benchmark 22. Please note that this benchmark was eliminated effective .

The official version of the CR standard that appears on the TBS Gcintranet website does not contain Benchmark 22. Departments are reminded to use the official versions of the standards that are published on this website.


Effective the content of this Information Bulletin applies to all newly created positions in the core public administration being evaluated using the CR Job Evaluation Standard. It will also apply to existing positions when they come up for review.

Classification advisors and managers who have been sub-delegated classification authority by their deputy head are expected to comply with the information and direction contained in this bulletin.


All questions pertaining to this bulletin should be directed to your departmental corporate classification area, which, if required, will direct questions via e-mail to the Workforce Organization and Classification Directorate of the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Manon Brassard
Assistant Deputy Minister
Compensation and Labour Relations

Attachment: Designated Senior Levels for the Evaluation of the “Responsibility for Contacts”  Factor in the CR Job Evaluation Standard

This list must be used only to rate the “Persons Contacted” component of the “Responsibility for Contacts” factor in the Clerical and Regulatory (CR) Job Evaluation Standard.

Job Evaluation Standard Abbreviation Job Evaluation Standard Title Senior Level
AC Actuarial Science 1 to 3
AG Agriculture 1 to 5
AI-NOP Air Traffic Control – Non-Operational 1 to 8
AI-OPR Air Traffic Control – Operational 1 to 8
AO-CAI Aircraft Operations – Civil Aviation Inspection 1 to 5
AO-ETP Aircraft Operations – Engineering Test Pilots 1 and 2
AO-HPS Aircraft Operations – Helicopter Pilots and Supervisors 1 to 3
AR Architecture and Town Planning 2 to 7
AS Administrative Services 3 to 8
AU Auditing 1 to 6
BI Biological Sciences 1 to 5
CH Chemistry 1 to 5
CM Communications n/a
CO Commerce 1 to 4
CR Clerical and Regulatory n/a
CX Correctional Services 3 and 4
DA-CON Data Processing – Data Conversion n/a
DA-PRO Data Processing – Data Production n/a
DD Drafting and Illustration 6 to 9
DE Dentistry 1 to 3
DS Defence Scientific Service 2 to 8
EC Economics and Social Science Services (replaced ES and SI) 3 to 8
ED-EDS Education – Education Services 1 to 7
ED-EST Education – Elementary and Secondary Teaching 3 and 4
ED-LAT Education – Language Teaching 1 to 3
EG Engineering and Scientific Support 4 to 8
EL Electronics standard 3 to 8
EN-ENG Engineering and Land Survey – Engineering 2 to 6
EN-SUR Engineering and Land Survey – Survey 1 to 6
EU-LAI Educational Support – Language Instructor 1 and 2
EU-PEI Educational Support – Physical Education Instructor 2
EU-TEA Educational Support – Teacher’s Aide n/a
EX Executive 1 to 5
FB Border Services 2 to 8
FI Financial Administration 1 to 4
FO Forestry 1 to 4
FR Firefighters 7 and 8
FS Foreign Service 1 to 4
GL General Labour and Trades n/a
GS General Services n/a
GT General Technical 4 to 8
HP Heating, Power and Stationary Plant Operations n/a
HR Historical Research 2 to 5
HS Hospital Services (use GS standard) n/a
IS Information Services 3 to 6
IT Information Technology 1 to 5
LC Law Manager 1 to 4
LI Lightkeepers n/a
LP Law Practitioner (replaced LA group) 1 to 5
LS Library Science 1 to 5
MA Mathematics 3 to 7
MD-MOF Medicine – Medical Officer 1 to 5
MD-MSP Medicine – Medical Specialist 1 to 3
MT Meteorology 2 to 9
ND-ADV Nutrition and Dietetics (former HE group) – Advisory 1 to 3
ND-DIT Nutrition and Dietetics (former HE group) – Dietitian 1 to 4
ND-HME Nutrition and Dietetics (former HE group) – Home Economist 1 to 4
NU-CHN Nursing – Community Health 1 to 8
NU-EMA Nursing – Medical Adjudicator 1 and 2
NU-HOS Nursing – Hospital Nursing 1 to 8
OE-BEO Office Equipment – Bookkeeping Equipment Operator n/a
OE-CEO Office Equipment – Calculating Equipment Operator n/a
OE-DEO Office Equipment – Duplicating Equipment Operator n/a
OE-MEO Office Equipment – Microphotography Equipment Operator n/a
OE-MSE Office Equipment – Mailing Service Equipment Operator n/a
OM Organization and Methods 3 to 5
OP Occupational and Physical Therapy 1 to 3
PC Physical Sciences 1 to 5
PE Personnel Administration 2 to 6
PG Purchasing and Supply 3 to 6
PH Pharmacy 1 to 3
PI Primary Products Inspection 5 to 8
PM Programme Administration 3 to 6
PM-MCO Programme Administration – Mediation and Conciliation Officer 1 to 4
PO-TCO Police Operations Support – Telecommunications Operations 3 and 4
PO-IMA Police Operations Support – Intercept Monitoring and Analysis 2 and 3
PR-NS Printing Operations – Non Supervisory n/a
PR-SES Printing Operations – Senior Supervision 3 to 5
PS Psychology 2 to 5
PY Photography n/a
RO Radio Operations 4 to 6
SC Ships' Crews n/a
SE-REM Scientific Research – Research Manager 1 and 2
SE-RES Scientific Research – Research Scientist 1 to 5
SG Scientific Regulation 2 to 8
SO-FLP Ship’s Officers – Floating Plant 3 to 7
SO-INS Ship’s Officers – Instructor 1 and 2
SO-MAO Ship’s Officers – Marine Operations 4 to 13
SO-RAD Ship’s Officers – Radio 2 and 3
SR Ship Repair n/a
SR-MGT Ship Repair – Management 2 and 3
ST-COR Secretarial, Stenographic, Typing – Court Reporter n/a
ST-OCE Secretarial, Stenographic, Typing – Office Composing Equipment n/a
ST-SCY Secretarial, Stenographic, Typing – Secretary n/a
ST-STN Secretarial, Stenographic, Typing – Stenographer n/a
ST-TYP Secretarial, Stenographic, Typing – Typist n/a
SW-CHA Social Work – Chaplain 2 and 3
SW-SCW Social Work – Social Welfare 1 to 5
TI Technical Inspection 4 to 8
TR Translation 2 to 5
UT University Teaching 1 to 4
VM Veterinary Medicine 1 to 5
WP Welfare Program 3 to 8

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