Update - Continuous Employment vs Continuous Service vs Continuous/discontinuous Service

DATE: May 9, 2001

TO: Compensation Managers
Chiefs of Staff Relations

On March 5, 2001, a bulletin on the subject of Continuous Service versus Continuous/Discontinuous Service was issued to all Compensation Managers. It was issued in response to a request made by various participants at the 2000 Compensation Symposium at Gray Rocks.

The bulletin was issued to Compensation Managers to clarify the pay administration process for the movement of employees between Treasury Board organizations and separate employers, including Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA). In particular, it stated that appointments to and from the CCRA must be processed by means of TOS/SOS pay transactions.

The bulletin was not meant to convey that the mobility (closed competition, appointments and deployments) of CCRA employees had changed. The announcement has no effect on the provisions of the CCRA Act that established the CCRA that deal with mobility.Consequently, mobility between CCRA and departments continues to be covered by the Public Service Employment Act.

The bulletin also did not intend to change the practice of transferring severance or vacation leave when an individual moves from a separate employer (PSSRA Schedule I, Part II service) to a Treasury Board organization (PSSRA Schedule I, Part I service). These provisions are covered in both Treasury Board and CCRA collective agreements.

Treasury Board departments are in most cases accepting Part II severance and vacation leave liabilities, including those of CCRA. There is no reason to suggest that the current practice would change.

Departmental Compensation Managers and Chiefs of Staff Relations should direct any questions they may have to their corporate officials who, if need be, can contact the Pay Administration Section.

Thomas A. Smith

Director, Pay Administration
Labour Relations Division
Human Resources Branch

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