Modifications to Form TBS/SCT 340-51 “Bargaining Agent Identification - Notice of Change”


To: Heads, Compensation; Heads, Labour Relations

This is a follow-up to the Information Bulletin dated , regarding the new form to be completed each time there is a modification to an employee's situation which may affect his/her bargaining status. 

It is imperative that this information be disseminated to all compensation advisors, including those in the regions. 

Our goal is to ensure the form is completed properly the first time. It provides a convenient and accurate method of managing the membership dues process and monitoring.

Based on an analysis of the feedback we sought and received, we have updated form TBS/SCT 340-51 to simplify the process. 

It is now possible to fill in form TBS/SCT 340-51 electronically, therefore, users can simply click on the link, type in the information and send the form to the appropriate bargaining agent(s) as an e-mail attachment, or print it out and send it by fax or mail.  This form will no longer contain personal information.  Attached is a list of e-mail addresses for all bargaining agents to which the form shall be sent.

Some of the changes are self-explanatory.  Find below a few of the more significant changes.


Detailed instructions have been included on the form before each section, for easy reference.  PROTECTED when completed has been removed from the top of the form.

Page 1, Section I

  • “Initials” has been changed to “First name”
  • “Previous IAN” has been changed to “IAN”. Either the new IAN or an existing IAN is to be included in this box
  • “Effective date of change” has been replaced with Effective date of action selected”
  • The box for “New Employee” has been changed to “Taken on Strength”.

Section II

  • “Numéro de la composante” has been changed to “Numéro d'Élément”
  • At the end of Section II, a box has been added to insert the compensation advisor's e-mail address.

Section III

Section III is now a separate form (TBS/SCT 340-51(a) “Employee Consent to Provide Personal Information to Bargaining Agents”.  The purpose of this form is to allow the employee to indicate whether s/he wishes to receive information from the bargaining agent about its programs and to provide the required personal home contact information.  This form contains complete instructions to the employee on how to complete it.  On initial appointment to the Core Public Administration or when changing bargaining agent, compensation advisors will either:

  • send an e-mail with the link to this new form; or
  • print out the form and send it by internal mail

to employees, as required.  As well, the compensation advisor will provide the employee's IAN and the name, mailing address and fax number of the appropriate bargaining agent to the employee.  As this new form will contain personal contact information, it will be PROTECTED when completed.  The employee will indicate his/her desire to receive information or not, by checking the appropriate box.  The employee will only provide home contact information (name and home mailing address, including e-mail address), if s/he chooses to receive information.  The employee will sign the completed form and send it to the appropriate bargaining agent. 

It is no longer necessary to complete the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC Form 26) Payroll Identification Form, or the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) “Blue Card” for those bargaining agents. Both PSAC and PIPSC have agreed to accept forms TBS/SCT 340-51 and 340-51(a) for a notice of change.

Please note that neither form TBS/SCT 340-51 nor TBS/SCT 340-51(a) is to be used, under any circumstances, for refund requests and arrears recovery.  The processes already in place to manage refund requests and arrears recovery are still valid and need to be followed.

Departmental Compensation and Labour Relations Managers should direct any questions to their appropriate corporate officials who, if need be, may contact us at Contact Interpretations by E-mail

Marc Thibodeau
A/Senior Director
Compensation Management,
Core Public Administration
Compensation and Labour Relations
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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