New Designations Under the Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive

To: Functional Heads of Finance, Administration and Human Resources
c.c: Federal Regional Councils,
Designated Departmental Coordinators

The purpose of this Information Notice is to remind you that a request to designate a new location under the Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive (IPGHD) requires the approval of either your deputy head or a delegated manager.

As you know, once a location is designated as an isolated post, all federal employees who work in that location become entitled to the allowances and travel assistance benefits under the directive.  Given the cost implications of such designations, the initial request needs to be approved at the appropriate delegated level in your department.

It is not our intention to hinder the current process when a request to assess a location as an isolated post is received but rather to ensure that the relevant accountabilities are maintained.  Therefore, all requests received from Designated Departmental Coordinators for the IPGHD must have the delegated manager's prior approval before any location will be assessed.

Please ensure that your staffs are made aware of the appropriate delegated person within your department.

Claudia Zovatto
Senior Director
Excluded Groups and Administrative Policies
Labour Relations and Compensation Operations

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