Rates of pay and terminable allowance for the Law Management (LC) occupational group


To: Heads of Human Resources Directors/Chiefs of Labour Relations and Compensation

I am pleased to announce the revised rates of pay, as approved by the Treasury Board of Canada, for the Law Management (LC) group.

Rates of pay

The rates of pay applicable to the LC group can be found online at Rates of pay for unrepresented and senior excluded employees.

Terminable allowance

The previous terminable allowance that expired on , has been reinstated for the LC group levels 1 to 3. The terminable allowance is effective as of , to . An incumbent occupying an LC position, receiving an LC rate of pay and performing the duties of the position is eligible for the terminable allowance.

The terminable allowance amounts can be found online at Rates of pay for unrepresented and senior excluded employees

Note: Toronto rates of pay will only be used to determine the terminable allowance for employees in the LC group who are located in Toronto and receive Toronto rates of pay.

The terminable allowance will not be included in the calculation of performance pay for eligible employees occupying LC positions.

For employees working less than the normal 37.5 hour work week, the allowance will be prorated based on the number of hours they work compared to a 37.5 hour work week.

Effective , the terminable allowance will be rolled into the salary of the LC group levels 1 to 3.

Future Law Management salary adjustments

Effective , all future LC salary adjustments will be aligned to those provided to the Law Practitioner (LP) group for the LC group levels 1 to 3 (LC-01 to LC-03) based on the Law Practitioner to Law Management equivalency table that was established when the LC group was created.

Law Management to Law Practitioner equivalency table
Law Management (LC) level Equivalent Law Practitioner (LP) level

Table 1 Notes

Table 1 Note 1

The LA-03C level does not exist in the new LP classification standard.

Return to table 1 note * referrer

LC-01 LP-03
LC-02 LP-04
LC-03 LP-05
LC-04 LA-03Ctable 1 note *

Effective , the LC group level 4 (LC-04) will receive the same economic increases that the LP group receives, but not any other additional or supplementary salary adjustments that may be granted.

All questions should be directed to your departmental corporate labour relations or corporate compensation official who, if required, will direct their questions to the Compensation and Labour Relations group at the following email address: Interpretations@tbs-sct.gc.ca.

Kevin Marchand
Senior Director
Pay Administration and Policy
Core Public Administration
Compensation and Labour Relations
Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

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